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 ZQuiet Mandibular Mouthpiece – Outside The Box Design

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I want you to know right from the outset that  I have actually used ZQuiet myself. The information in this review is obtained mainly from my personal research and experience using the snoring device. It’s literally straight from the horses mouth.

The ZQuiet mouthpiece has been developed and is manufactured in the United States of America then marketed worldwide, mostly via the internet. Internationally, it is available via the internet in many countries including Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, France, Greece, Germany, Holland, New Zealand, Portugal, Scandinavia, Switzerland. More details on availability are listed below.

Over recent times there have been some rather alarming health issues being associated with snoring and sleep apnea. There are a number of articles I have written about extremely serious issues and would strongly recommend you read them before you leave this website.

Two articles are based on long term studies completed by scientist in the USA. One of the studies was conducted over 22 years and included 1522 people. The findings of this particular study was released on 20th May 2012.

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Some photos of MY ZQuiet mouthpiece

Travel Case Included

A Travel Case Comes With The Mouthpiece

ZQuiet Snoring Mouthpiece - Flat View

ZQuiet Snoring Mouthpiece – Flat View

ZQuiet Snoring Mouthpiece - Side View

ZQuiet Snoring Mouthpiece – Side View

ZQuiet Stop Snoring Mouthpiece - Front View

ZQuiet Stop Snoring Mouthpiece – Front View


Information Addressed In This Review

  • Product Description And Summary Chart
  • Could ZQuiet Save Your Life
  • Is ZQuiet Popular
  • How Does ZQuiet Actually Work
  • Can ZQuiet Work For You
  • The U.S.A. FDA – What Does This Mean For ZQuiet
  • How The Federal Trade Commission Impacts Testimonials
  • The Cost Of ZQuiet Including The 30 Day Trial For $9.95
  • ZQuiet Positives And Negatives
  • Video Demonstration Of My ZQuiet
  • ZQuiet Complaints
  • Best Place To Buy ZQuiet
  • Extra Support For ZQuiet
  • My Conclusion / Recommendation
  • My Final Word – Some Important Advice

Product Description And Summary Chart

My Rating Very Strong – 8/10  Largest amount of searches in Google  :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
Product Description And Summary Chart
Type Mandibular Advancement Device – MAD
Designated a class II medical device by the FDA 😀
BBB Accreditation Yes 😀
BBB Rating [A-F] A 😀
Money Back Guarantee Yes – 30 Day Trial Available 😀
Cost USD $79.95 [or $9.95 trial + $79.95 35 days later] Two choices.
Made In USA
Sold Internationally Via The Internet
Clinical Studies Completed Effects of Mandibular Advancement on OSA
Best Suited To Anyone – except those who have dentures, crowns, caps or bridge work mainly in the front teeth


Could ZQuiet Save Your Life ???

Big title isn’t it and is something that is certainly not out of context.

There are huge health problems linked to snoring and I have already touched on two of them in the above introduction to this article. In addition to these two articles I have written another one titled Stop Snoring – The Benefits To You and it is in direct reference to the benefits both myself and my wife experienced once we controlled our snoring.

Snoring Kills

These are our own personal Associated and Health experiences we encountered whilst we snored and then how these where impacted once we managed to control it. As a fellow snorer you will share some of these problems….guaranteed. You will also share some of the huge benefits we are now experiencing as a result of managing our snoring.

Once you read the article you will certainly see why ZQuiet could have a huge positive impact on your life.

Is ZQuiet Popular

Yes, ZQuiet is one, if not the most popular mouthpieces currently for sale on the internet at the time I completed this review. As of now ZQuiet is attracting approximately 27,000 word searches in Google every month. At the moment, it is the industry high for this type of prefabricated anti snoring device.  See the graphic below.

Why does it appear to be so popular?

1.  They have marketed themselves extremely well. This is why there are so many searches on Google.

2. People like the look at the specially designed “Living Hinge” and the simplicity of the universal fit. The “One Size Fits All”, construction does make it easy to appeal to most users, plus it is soft and pretty comfortable.  There is little competition for hinged mouthpieces.

3. The bottom jaw plate is fixed and is offset, which creates a small forward adjustment and repositioning of the lower jaw. This important design feature is the key to successfully tackling the snoring problems people have. You can view the jaw offset in the side view photo above.

4. You can test the mouthpiece by accepting their well marketed 30 day trial for only $9.95 which really just covers postage. You are able to return the mouthpiece prior to the end of the 30 day trial if you’re unhappy and it will effective only cost you postage and handling each way. If  you decide you want to keep it then you are automatically debited for $79.95.

5. It is marketed and sold worldwide.

6. It actually works and I can vouch for that.

27,100 Searches each month


How Does ZQuiet Actually Work

The mouthpiece itself is made from a thermoplastic elastomer, designed to specifically meet FDA compliance. As a result, all materials used in the construction have passed the strict consumer safety testing. ZQuiet doesn’t contain any latex or BPA (Bisphenol A). It is absolutely safe to place in your mouth.

Snoring is caused by the soft tissue vibrating at the rear of the throat when you breathe in and out rapidly during sleep. Air rushing past the narrowing or restricted air passage causes the tissue to vibrate. The best way to stop the vibrations,  is to widen the air passage so they do not vibrate.

When you insert ZQuiet into your mouth it pushes the lower jaw and tongue, which is attached to the lower jaw, forward. In doing this it opens up the air passage at the rear of the throat. The gap is now wider and air flows in and out without causing the vibration of the soft tissue. The snoring sound ceases.

Cleared airways using ZQuiet

ZQuiet is very confident its mouthpiece will work the very same day you receive it. It is a universal fit so it is just a matter of cleaning it with some warm water and trying it the same night. It’s engineered to work immediately and in exactly the same manner, for all users.

Unfortunately, if you wear full dentures then you should not use a mandibular mouthpiece like ZQuiet due to the pressure it can place on your dentures. Don’t despair, because if you are someone who does have a denture then you might find the mouthpiece called Good Morning Snore Solution a great alternative. It has a fantastic return rate of only 2%. It is still a mouthpiece but works very differently to ZQuiet and focuses on holding the tongue in a forward position ensuring it does not drop back into the throat blocking airflow. My wife uses it and loves it.

If you find that a mouthpiece is not something you can relate to then you might want to read my review on another stop snoring solution called My Snoring Solution. It is not a mouthpiece but a chin strap. Works pretty well. I have tried this one as well.


This graphic gives you a pretty good understanding of ZQuiet’s design features

ZQuiet Snoring Mouthpiece - Living Hinge

ZQuiet Snoring Mouthpiece – Living Hinge


Can ZQuiet Work For You

Lets do something simple now just to demonstrate your understanding of how the snoring noise is created and then how the ZQuiet snoring mouthpiece actually works.

Take a few minutes and see if you can do this test on yourself and then complete the short quiz.

How To Make Yourself Snore:

Step 1. First thing you need to do is close your mouth then let your normal jawline bite come together.

Step 2. Now you are going to try to make a snoring noises using the rear of your throat plus nasal passage. You will need to start breathing in through your nose, ensuring you keep your mouth closed all the time. You would no doubt remember making a snorting noise like a little pig, when you where a child, by combining the inward breaths with a snort at the back of your throat and nose. It is much the same kind of process. It’s easy to with a bit of practice [maybe alone so as not to offend].

You may have also experienced a similar noise when having a head cold and you attempt to breathe in through your semi-blocked nose. Yuk!  – Moving On……

Step 3. What you will have to do next is to try and see if you can do it again with a small adjustment to the location of your lower jaw. This might be a little more difficult to get you head around.  Okay now – push your lower jaw [called the mandibular] forward, but make sure you keep your mouth closed. Hold the jaw forward and try to replicate the same “little pig” snorting vibration noise you made in Step 2.  You should find it very difficult to make the noise if you are able to keep your jaw in the forward position.

It might take a few times to get it right but once you do you will see what I mean. The sound should be difficult or impossible to make if you keep your jaw advanced. This is what ZQuiet does automatically for you. It realigns your lower jaw and holds it in this forward position and consequently opens up the air passage.


The U.S.A. FDA – What Does This Mean For ZQuiet

ZQuiet is designated a “class II medical device” by the US Food and Drug Association. To understand the relevance of this you must first understand what the FDA is and what they do.

The US Food and Drug Administration is a protector of the citizens of the United States. It plays an extremely important role as a health watchdog. One of their roles is to ensure products manufactured, marketed and sold in the USA are consumer safe and actually do what they say they will do. They also make sure that they protect people from scams and from products that do not meet their claims.

Under the conditions of the “Class II medical device” classification ZQuiet had to prove to the FDA not only that the material is safe – but also that the product effectively achieves its intended purpose. By doing so the FDA considers the snoring mouthpiece is SAFE and will satisfactorily carry out the claimed functions of addressing snoring within the guidelines marketed by the manufacturer.

Not every manufacture of snoring mouthpieces, has the “Class II medical device” classification and you may already have come across a few examples for yourself. That is not to say they all don’t work because some do, it is just that they may not have sought it from the FDA.


How The Federal Trade Commission Impacts Testimonials

If you are like me, and perhaps many others, you may very well have disregarded the testimonials on websites as being simply another marketing ploy by manufactures and not to be taken seriously at all. In days gone by you would not have been far off the mark, but today things are very different as a result of the work completed by the Federal Trade Commission.

It would be my recommendation, due to the FTC involvement, that when going about assessing how credible products and services online are, that you could rely on Testimonials with some confidence. If  a website demonstrates a good quantity of named/addressed and even pictured testimonials then I would feel significantly more comfortable about that particular product or service.

WHY – because the Federal Trade Commission can penalizes companies extremely heavily nowadays if they include any unsubstantiated testimonials or claims in there marketing/advertising or within their websites. Anything they claim must be supported by documentary evidence. They have to prove what they are saying now and this was not the case years ago.

You should feel a lot more comfortable nowadays, in respect to testimonials.

ZQuiet Founders Interviewed on the TV show “The Balancing Act”

The Cost Of ZQuiet Including The 30 Day Trial for $9.95

Marketing is an extremely important dynamic to the overall success of any product and in ZQuiet’s case they have come up with an excellent strategy.

Their marketing “Hook” in an endeavor to motivate the buyer, is to offer a 30 day trail for $9.95, which essentially is the cost of postage only.

That’s correct….try it for 30 days and only pay $9.95.

ZQuiet - 30 Day Trial

ZQuiet 30 Day Trial

This 30 day trial period commences, not from the time you order, but from the exact time you receive the ZQuiet. Shipment of ZQuiet includes a small plastic travel case together with detailed “how to use” instructions.

Your credit card covers the outstanding balance of $79.95 thirty five days later if you decide to continue to use the anti snoring device. In this scenario the real cost of ZQuiet is actually $9.95 + $79.95. At $89.90 it is a cheap way to control snoring.

If you do decide to return the mouthpiece you simply call a ZQuiet counselor before the end of the trial period on 800-281-0543 for a return authorization (RMA) number. You must ensure the RMA number is obtained before the completion of 30 day trial.  ZQuiet must then receive the returned mouthpiece by day 45. If so you won’t be debited the remaining $79.95.

CLICK HERE To Take Advantage Of The ZQuiet 30 Day Trial – Official ZQuiet Website

The trial has proven to be an extremely popular marketing option for ZQuiet and prospective buyers. It has certainly contributed to the popularity of the snoring mouthpiece.

It is a Win – Win situation for everyone I would suggest.

ZQuiet Positives And Negatives

I always like to rate what I see as the Good and Bad points about a product because they all have them. I also try not to let my personal likes or dislike impact my list because likes are personal. This is not about what I personally dislike or like.

I do approve of ZQuiet but there are things I believe could be improved.

ZQuiet Positives

😀 ZQuiet is designated a class II medical device by the FDA. It is is not something that is given away lightly by the FDA because it is reflective of them as well.

😀 Testimonials have become an integral part of assessing the credibility of a product or service nowadays. If a company manipulates these then the FTC could very easily destroy them. Testimonials do have an influence in the buyers decision making process these days.

😀 The product itself is made from very safe material. It has been designed for FDA compliance. It does not become brittle and break like some others can.

😀 At $79.95 it is priced well. You can actually buy it without taking up the trial offer if you want to. Initially you might be forgiven thinking it is expensive for what seems to be a simple piece of plastic, but you will always pay for intellectual intelligence and that is what this design is.  Some Dentist designed, ridged, mouthpieces can start from well in excess of  USD $250.00.

😀 The “Lower Mandibular” [lower jaw] design feature is cutting edge when you combine it with the “Living Hinge” design. This makes it a market leader. By moving the lower jaw forward it increases the air passage air flow rate by reducing soft tissue impingement at the rear of the throat.

😀 A success rate of upwards of 90% is very impressive. It does work….but not for everyone.

😀 The “Hook” of the 30 day trial at a very generous price of USD $9.95 is popular. Even if you return it for a total cost of under $20.00 it would have been worth a try.

😀 Two optimal sizes (jaw positions) for superior results. ZQuiet’s 2-Step Comfort System provides two unique mouthpieces designed to treat snoring comfortably and effectively. One advances the jaw further than the other.

😀 Longevity – the mouthpiece does have a pretty good lifespan. We all use them differently [grinding teeth] so a definite time is not nominated. Mine lasted just under 8 months and I grind my teeth.

😀 Available internationally now. Internet orders for those living in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, France, Greece, Germany, Holland, New Zealand, Portugal, Scandinavia, Switzerland Plus a couple of physical locations. See full details below.

ZQuiet Negatives

🙁 Most of these mandibular repositioning mouthpieces do have a settling in period. They can be like a good pair of leather shoes and take time to wear in, but when they do, they are just great to wear. ZQuiet can be somewhat uncomfortable for some users during this settling in period. It’s not that unusual for it to feel weird when you first start using it especially during the first week. Users can experience lower jaw and teeth ache and this is not unexpected considering the lower jaw is being repositioned. It does settle down for most people once they adjust, but there are some who just cannot cope with it. This is an issue and is most likely the biggest issue for users. I took my time wearing it in and even did so while I was awake and watching TV or reading a book.

🙁 ZQuiet cannot be worn by people who wear full dentures. To be fair, ALL these types of repositioning lower jaw mouthpieces cannot be worn by people who wear full dentures. They do place pressure on the dentures and can break them or dislodge them from the mouth. There are a couple of alternatives including My Snoring Solution [Chinstrap] and Good Morning Snore Solution [mouthpiece] and you can read my reviews of these devices by clicking on the highlighted blue links.

🙁 One of the perceived selling strengths of ZQuiet is the fact it is a prefabricated, “One Size Fits All” device but it can be a negative as well. You are not able to adjust it in any way at all apart from some minor shaving of odd spots if it rubs the gum. It cannot be molded to suit the individual user, if required. This can be a real problem unless you are lucky enough for it to fit you. I thought it might be a problem for me, however it wasn’t, but I do know it is one of the biggest issues for many and if you do try other alternatives you will certainly see and feel the difference.

NB: ZQuiet now have two comfort settings – 2 separate mouthpieces with the lower jaw setting less advanced than the other

🙁 Some users have reported that the hinge can soften and collapse after continual use. When this happens it is not able maintain the forward extension of the lower jaw and as such renders it useless. This would therefore mean continual purchases. At the end of the day these things do all wear out so it is up to the individual user to establish if the period of usefulness they obtain from their ZQuiet is acceptable to them or not. I do believe the company has recently completed some work strengthening the hinge.

My research suggested the Positives certainly outweighed the Negatives and influenced my decision to try it.

My personal experience with ZQuiet was good and as a result it worked for me but I wanted to try something else that offered a more custom fit. That is the reason I tried one called SnoreRx which is a molded and fully adjustable mouthpiece. I am not suggesting that you should not try ZQuiet for yourself. My first choice was ZQuiet and then once I found that a mouthpiece worked for me, I moved onto a different concept and decide to spend more.

ZQuiet has a lot going for it and I have no problem recommending it.

Video Demonstration Of ZQuiet

When I was going though my due diligence I found it difficult to get a “Feel” for the mouthpieces because nobody provided close ups of the real things. I decided early in the day I would try and complete a video of as many of the devices as I could.

Hope you enjoy my demo. Runs for a bit but I am told it is informative.

Important point to remember…..you are not going out to the movies or for a meal when you wear this mouthpiece…..just to bed….thankfully.

Please Note – The website details showing in this video is another one of my websites.

It is still current but I will be phasing it out in due course

ZQuiet Complaints

There are always complaints about products and so I went hunting for ZQuiet complaints and listed the more popular ones below.

I decide to add some perspective to them all just to try and balance the objections.

👿 Expensive – It certainly is not the cheapest mouthpiece at $79.95 plus $9.95 trial if you decide to take it up but it’s not the most expensive one either – :mrgreen: Alternatives can exceed USD $100, as do all the purpose built mouthpieces from your Dentist which are well in excess of $250.00 and they do the same thing.

👿 Lifespan is poor and limited to approximately 10 – 12 months – :mrgreen: Mine lasted less than this but I grind my teeth so if you can get 10 – 12 months from it then I wouldn’t consider this too bad. For the price you pay it is pretty good. People have shared their experiences relating to dentist designed mouthpieces and they are not exceptionally longer lasting than this on occasions, plus they cost a lot more.

👿 Jaw and Teeth hurt – :mrgreen: This really is an issue for ZQuiet but realistically, these aches and pains don’t last forever for the vast majority of people. The important point I make here is that it is not specifically a ZQuiet problem. Many people experience the same soreness using totally different mouthpieces. Any repositioning of the lower jaw is going to have some effect on you for a period of time at least. You will take time adjusting in the same way, you could argue, for a variety of things you wear.

👿 Excessive drooling / saliva buildup – :mrgreen: Absolutely agree with this until I wore it in and my mouth accepted it as being non invasive. It’s a relatively common issue but I again believe it comes under the  snoring mouthpiece “wearing in” banner. Not a huge price to pay for better health.

👿 Mouthpiece continually dislodging during sleep – :mrgreen: Agreed but again not just a ZQuiet issue. As you become more accustomed to wearing it this does pass. I did experience this myself but I persisted and it reduced significantly over time. Every now and then I still spit all my devices during sleep but I have learned to live with it and simply pop it back in. Usually prompted by my better half, bless her. We take turns because we both snore.

👿 Doesn’t work for me – :mrgreen: Realistic complaint. The statistics don’t lie. They tell us it does not work for 100% of users. The FDA has confirmed it does meet the needs of the “Simple Snorer” which most of us are so I am comfortable it does do the job for most of us. I have tried things that work for my friends but don’t for me. That doesn’t mean it is a scam and doesn’t work. It just doesn’t suit me. I accept it and move on.

👿 Works for awhile then fails – :mrgreen: Lifespan of the device varies for everyone and depends on the individual user due to a variety of reasons including teeth grinding. Sometimes the “Living Hinge” fails earlier than you would think but they have done some work on this as I understand.

Best Place To Buy ZQuiet

The ONLY place you should buy ZQuiet is from OFFICIAL ZQuiet outlets including their website. Beware of non genuine replica’s.

The links within my ZQuiet review will only take you to the official ZQuiet website.

Their website is also now accessible internationally within the following countries.

New Zealand

When you visit ZQuiet’s Official Website by utilizing the live link below move to the top of the main page and click on the link at the very top titled “Looking To Purchase outside the US?”

The website will activate a small “Pop Up” screen which details the online order pages for the respective countries. Very Easy.

Additionally, you can purchase in the following physical locations:

Juan de Ascaray 355 y Amazonas
Phone: 1-800-444-222 Fax: (593) 02 2448857
Quito — Ecuador

ul. Puńawska 324
02-819 Warszawa, Poland
office: +48 (22) 340 44 09

The Direct Marketing Company S.p.A.
Strada dei Censiti 5/a
47891 Rovereta di Falciano
Repubblica di San Marino
Tel. 0549.908908


This link will take you to the OFFICIAL ZQuiet Website


I have to strongly recommend to you again if you want to purchase online, please do so only from the official site, because I am not sure who the other independent distributors are and you may be risking a non-genuine purchase.

ZQuiet Is The Genuine Article

Extra Support For ZQuiet

If you snore plus struggle to get to sleep and maintain good sleep patterns then this is something you might find helpful.

We snorers do it hard from the outset and any extra help we can get is always worthy of consideration plus our partners are also subject to our ongoing noise abuse and might thank us for this intro.Alteril Sleep Aid

I have written an short article about this natural sleep aid called Alteril. You might like to read it via this link, Alteril Sleep Aid Reviews because it might just help both you and your partner. It is cheap.

Your partner may love you even more….if that’s possible.


My Conclusions and Recommendations

Based on my research and personal experience I believe ZQuiet to be an effective snoring device and I am certainly happy to recommend it to you for a variety of reasons:

  • It worked for me during the entire time I used it.
  • I think it is great value for money.
  • ZQuiet is designated a class II medical device by the FDA.
  • Come in two comfort settings now.
  • Its popularity in the USA is unparallelled amongst competitors. Good marketing.
  • Love the 30 day trial  – well done to the ZQuiet marketing team for this.
  • I have spoken to Dan and Trina Webster, the founders, a number of times and they impress as genuine and honest people who really had their own snoring issues to deal with.


We are not all the same and we will all not relate to the same stop snoring solutions so if you are not quite on board the ZQuiet express then perhaps you might relate to something like the fully adjustable and mold-able SnoreRx mouthpiece.

It is very different to ZQuiet in the following ways:

🙄 You can mold the SnoreRx mouthpiece to fit you, whereas ZQuiet is a one size fits all, universal fit.
🙄 The SnoreRx device has a built-in fully adjustable lower plate. ZQuiet is fixed in one position.
🙄 SnoreRx is just a bit more expensive than ZQuiet but worth every cent. The design is sensational.

It is nothing like ZQuiet so I would suggest you spend some more time on the website and read my SnoreRx Reviews and give yourself some additional options.

If you have happen to wear FULL dentures, as many people do, then unfortunately neither ZQuiet or SnoreRx will suit you due to the pressure applied to the dentures.

My suggestion to you would be for you to read my review of the chin strap supporter called My Snoring Solution or if you are still more inclined to look at mouthpiece options then read my review on Good Morning Snore Solution. It is not a repositioning mouthpiece like the others and so is suitable for people who wear full dentures. It will suit those people wearing full denture PLUS those who cannot adjust to the teeth and jaw soreness experienced from the forward movement mouthpieces. It is a very comfortable device and works very differently than ZQuiet and SnoreRx but is most effective with an unbelievably low return rate of 2%. It also comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.

I see my position or role here as someone who has “Research” and “User” experience and I am happy to share, however it will always be your decision which one you prefer. ZQuiet was the first one I tried and it worked for me but I have tried others and have experienced success with them as well.

If you follow my journey you may very well do the same and it leads me to my final word.

My Final Word – Some Important Advice

If you try one and it doesn’t work for you don’t give up, try another one.  Your health is far to important for that. This would be a BIG mistake on your behalf.

Yes I acknowledge it costs money…….BUT…….snoring has serious health issues associated with it and you are dead for a long time. Don’t forget to read those two article I have written about health concerns associated with snoring.

Hope you enjoy it and I trust you have gained an insight into this unique ZQuiet snoring mouthpiece. There are many other reviews of anti snoring devices on the website. Take your time and have a look around.

I’m Admin, and I’m the person writing the information contained in this website. It is my goal to provide you with as much of my own user experiences, plus provide extensive and comprehensive researched data, to help you find a stop snoring solution to your snoring problem.


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