Why Some Snorers Can Be A Pain In The Butt

Snorers Are A Pain In The Butt

Snorers Can Be A Pain In The Butt – That’s A Bit Harsh

WOW…..controversial title but absolutely true and you know it.

Let’s put this into perspective and see if this sounds familiar to you because I can bet it will resonate with 99.9% of people who either snore themselves or have a partner who snores.

My Snoring Story

Both my wife and I are snorer’s. I am a mild snorer but my wife is the Queen of loud snoring.

The thing is, we didn’t do anything about our snoring for many years, until such times as it started to have health and emotional effects on us as family unit.

We both experienced denial, frustration, anger and in some instances betrayal, but eventually the thing we realized was………we had a total misunderstanding of the problem and issues associated with snoring.

Does this sound familiar?

Each would promise the other it would get better, or we would do something about it. This went on for years. We wanted to continue to sleep in the same bed but neither enjoyed the consequences of this action.  We knew some of our friends slept in different rooms in the same house and we promised ourselves this we would not “Stoop” to this because we believed this is not what married life was all about.

Okay……now does THIS sound familiar?

We all have different body types and this can sometimes contribute to different “snoring skill sets” you inherit. In general, the bigger you are the more susceptible you can be to snoring and snoring louder.

When we finally started to look into snoring, and we did this research online, in didn’t take us long to realize exactly what was happening to us and what potentially could happen to us if we didn’t do something about it.

Research online


The Issues With Snoring

The issues associated with snoring can be broken into two main categories.

1. Emotional Issues
2. Health Issues

Emotional Issues:

Snoring is ranked third as the most significant reason why relationships break down. It is only beaten into third by Infidelity and Financial problems.

I certainly don’t have to go to great lengths to paint a picture and give you exact examples of the stress it places on people. You are reading this article….you know as well as I do.

There is only one thing that can relieve this stress at 3am in the morning when you are still staring at your partner in sheer rage, having not slept a wink all night……..please, please just stop.

I know as the snorer yourself it is also has an emotional impact on you but from one snorer to another it is not as much as the pressure a non-snore has to contend with, especially if it is not getting any better.

Accusation and denial build aggressive emotions in us all at the best of times. The emotional issue for a non snorer can be horrific if the snorer lives in a world of total denial and refuses to do anything about the problem. The direct effects on the non-snorer are emotionally devastating.

Are you in denial

There is absolute certainty in my mind people suffer emotionally from snoring, and having suffered from both sides, I can honestly say it is FAR worse for the person who doesn’t snore.

Health Issues:

  • Stroke and Heart Disease – snoring is more likely going to give you heart disease or stroke than the obvious culprits of excess weight, cholesterol or smoking.
  • Snoring is known to contribute to the thicken and hardening of major blood vessels supplying the brain with oxygenated blood. This leads to many vascular diseases.
  • Sleep Apnea – snoring is the precursor to OSA in many people. Simple snoring or Habitual snoring can lead into Obstructive Sleep Apnea which in turn has direct links to cancer.
  • Diabetes, hypertension, depression and early death are all associated with snoring. The medical profession is continuing to fill in those dotted lines linking various diseases to snoring and tragically can lead to premature death.

Artery ThickerningArtery Thickerning

Artery Thickens Restricting Blood Flow

I have written a number of articles which talks in great detail about the various health issues linked to snoring and I would encourage you to read them before you leave the website.


Why Can Some Snorers Be A Pain In The Butt?

I wish I could say there is only one reason but the truth is if there was only one reason then I wouldn’t have spent time writing this post.

Unfortunately my own experiences confirm there are numerous reasons why people who snore can be a pain.

Snorers are a pain in the butt when they:

  • Will not accept the fact they have a problem…….DENIAL.
  • Disrespect the emotional/health stress the non-snoring partner is going through by not acknowledging or ignoring their snoring problem.
  • Admit they have a problem but still won’t do anything about it.
  • Refuse to accept there are proven health issues associated with snoring despite the clear evidence there is.
  • Accept there are health issues associated with snoring but refuse to do anything about it.
  • Believe the solution to their snoring problem is to sleep in another room in the house or worse ask the partner to go into another room.
  • Will not try and solve there problem because it costs too much.
    This is a two part issue:
    i)  Undervalue their relationship and health.
    ii) The cost could vary from $50 – $200 per year to save your life/relationship. How anyone could come to the conclusion that spending a couple of hundred dollars a year to potentially save their life/relationship is too expensive, totally does my head in.
  • Refuse to try a stop snoring device with the excuse it won’t work for me or I can’t do that.
  • Try one device and walk away from it all because the one device didn’t work.

You might think these reasons are a bit tough but I can tell you my personal experience has touched on many of these “pain in the butt” buttons.

My wife and I never thought we would both be able to control our snoring as successfully as we have. We have both found different devices to work for us. When we both look back at our lives and our flawed perspective on snoring, it literally makes us cringe. How could we have left it for so long, for so many wrong reasons.

It is because of OUR well defined history, I can say “Some Snorers Can Be A Pain In The Butt”.

Life for us is now totally different and if you are struggling to come to terms with it yourself….take the plunge….do something now.  There are so many benefits to controlling your snoring.

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