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VitalSleep Is A Cheaper Alternative With Limitations

There are a number of VitalSleep Reviews on the internet and they all seem to make a start but are generally not that comprehensive. Hopefully once you have read this review, you will be able to make a better informed decision on whether you think this stop snoring mouthpiece is one you can relate to or not.

Before I start with my VitalSleep review I have to mention something dear to my heart and something you as a snorer should be made aware of. Make sure you take this on board.

During 2012 there where a number of major medical studies completed and then released, in relation to Snoring and Sleep Apnea. TheseΒ  studies had been conducted over many years [up to 22 years] and had been undertaken in the USA involving up to 1522 patients.

I was certainly drawn to these studies and have written articles on them. Please make sure you take the time to read them prior to leaving my website. Links are in the right hand sidebar.

  • Sleep Apnea Is Linked To Cancer
  • Snoring Linked To Stroke And Heart Disease


VitalSleep Stop Snoring Mouthpiece

VitalSleep Stop Snoring Mouthpiece

The content of my in depth VitalSleep review covers the following:

  • Product Description And Summary Chart
  • Could VitalSleep Save Your Life ???
  • Is VitalSleep Popular
  • How Does VitalSleep Stop Snoring
  • Does VitalSleep Really Work To Control Snoring
  • Will VitalSleep Work For You
  • Can You Use VitalSleep If You Wear Dentures
  • The Cost Of VitalSleep And Where To Buy It
  • VitalSleep Positives And Negatives
  • VitalSleep Additional Sleeping Support
  • My Conclusion / Recommendation


Product Description And Summary Chart

My Rating Good – 7/10 Could be more comfortable but works πŸ˜€
Product Description And Summary Chart
Type Mandibular Advancement Device – MAD
FDA Cleared Yes πŸ˜€
BBB Accreditation No – Not sought Not Compulsory – See BBB Comments
BBB Rating [A-F] N/A
Money Back Guarantee Yes – 30 Day PLUS 12 Month Replacement Warranty πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
Cost USD $59.95 plus Shipping from $7.90 to $18.90 – Your choice of shipping method πŸ˜€
Made In USA
Sold Internationally πŸ˜€
Clinical Studies Completed Effectiveness Of Mandibular Advancement Devices
Best Suited To Most snorers – Possibly people who wear dentures, caps, crowns and bridge work

Could VitalSleep Save Your Life ???

Hmmmmm – is this stretching the negative impact snoring can have on your life…..not in my opinion.

Both my wife and I where snorers and we experienced some terrible social and health issues as a result of snoring.

I have written an article titledΒ Stop Snoring – The Benefits To You and I would strongly recommend you read it. I share our real life experiences both before and after snoring and I cannot over emphasis the HUGE positive impact snoring had on our lives once we had it under control.

Snoring Kills

As a snorer you must already know of the issues you are already experiencing. I can tell you that there is no reason why you cannot also share the same positive benefits we have, once you knock your snoring on the head.

You only have to make a decision to try.


Is VitalSleep Popular

Vital Sleep does not appear to be one of the more popular mouthpieces if the Google Adwords keyword tracker is used as the benchmark measuring tool. With only 1300 worldwide searches for it each month it ranks as one of the lowest searched stop snoring mouthpieces I have reviewed.Made In The USA

I am not sure why this is the case because it has been around for a few years now. Perhaps the marketing has not been as effective as some of the VitalSleep competitors or perhaps it is the unique design appearance of the device or even the comfort factor.

It has been cleared by the US Food And Drug Administration [FDA], is manufactured in the USA using USA based products and services. It was conceived by a physical therapist who suffered from snoring, is BPA and latex free and has a pretty good overall business plan.

I will elaborate more on the positives and negatives as I see them further into the review which may explain why it doesn’t seem to winning a massive share of the sales market.

VitalSleep Official Website Certifications

VitalSleep Official Website Certifications

How Does VitalSleep Stop Snoring

VitalSleep is a mandibular repositioning stop snoring mouthpiece which means that when inserted in the mouth it moves the lower jaw in a forward position and in doing so opens up the air passage at the rear of the throat.

The correct term is Mandibular Advancement Mouthpiece or MAM. There are a number of different designs right across the industry but in essence the principle is the same. Open up the air passage at the rear of the throat where relaxed soft muscle tissue collapses restricting the clear flow of air in and out of the throat, and you will control snoring.

The tongue, which also contributes to this blockage, is also encouraged forward when using one of the MAM anti snoring devices.

VitalSleep Stop Snoring Mouthpiece - How It Opens The Throat

VitalSleep Stop Snoring Mouthpiece – How It Opens The Throat

When you open up the air passage using a MAM the soft tissue does not vibrate as the air tries to rush past. This vibration is the snoring sound we relate to.

VitalSleep can be boiled and softened to fit the individual user. It wraps around the gums and mouth not the individual teeth, in an attempt to hold the device firmly in place. It is then adjusted using a special key provided, to move the lower jaw or mandibular forward in small increments. This adjustment can be made forwards and backwards again to suit the individual snorers comfort position.

Breathing is not a problem when the mouthpiece is in use due to the design. Large holes are placed in the front of the stop snoring mouthpiece to ensure airflow is not restricted through the mouth.

There is a video on Vimeo you can view to see how this mouthpiece works. It is on the Vital Sleep website as well.

Click Here To View The Vital Sleep “How It Works” Video


Does VitalSleep Really Work To Control Snoring

There are a large number of testimonials on the VitalSleep website which are very supportive of the snoring mouthpiece. It is important to interpret testimonials in the right perspective.

Years ago anyone could place a positive testimonial anywhere and the company promoting it did not have to do anything to prove the credibility of the claims. These days things have changed in a huge way and the Federal Trade Commission [FTC] is the main reason for this change.

The FTC can impose huge fines and penalties on any company who is deemed to be misleading or misrepresenting testimonials on their websites and as a result consumers like you and I can take some comfort from them, rather than be skeptical in terms of their credibility.

In general terms, mandibular advancement mouthpieces do work, but not everyone experiences the exact same results for a variety of reason including the important fact that their snoring problem may not be caused by the normal throat restrictions but could very well be nasal related. Others just cannot adjust to sleeping with something in their mouth. This does not mean anti snoring devices like VitalSleep don’t work, it just means it didn’t work for them.

I have used snoring mouthpieces and they have all worked for me, some better than others.


Will VitalSleep Work For You

Despite the fact VitalSleep does work for many others, this is really of little consequence if it doesn’t actually work for you.

So how do you obtain some idea if it will work for you without having it in your hands right now. You can’t of course but you can establish if your snoring problem is the kind that can be treated by a Mandibular Advancement Mouthpiece like VitalSleep.

The best way to do this is to complete a short snoring exercise to see if your snoring problem is related to air passage restrictions in the back of the throat in contrast to perhaps a deviated septum in your nose.

The exercise consists of three steps and they are listed below so follow each step as set out.

Read Set Go





Step 1 : Start by making sure to close your mouth and bring your natural bite together. Top teeth touching bottom teeth. Continue to breathe normally but only through your nose. If you are experiencing difficulty doing this at this early stage and you are not congested with a head cold or flu then there is a chance you have something wrong with your nasal passage and this may be the cause of your snoring. A deviated septum is a possibility. You don’t have to lie down to complete this exercise.

Step 2 : In this step you are going to attempt to make the snoring vibration at the rear/back of your throat and your nasal passage. It will mean you are going to have to breathe in and out through your nose quite quickly. The noise you are going to attempt to make is similar to the snoring noise you already relate to but it is also similar to that of a snorting or grunting pig. We have all done this as a child.

The key to this step is to continue to draw air in rapidly through the nose. It might sound a bit more complicated than it really is. We have all grunted like this in the past when imitating someone else snoring. What you are looking to do is make the sound resonate from the back and rear of your throat, not your mouth. You could relate it to having a bad head cold with nasal congestion and then you sniff backwards…yuk.

Step 3 : You will now repeat the process but with one major change. This time when you try, endeavor to extend your bottom jaw forward but make sure when you do, keep your mouth closed. Keeping the mouth closed is important.

Give it a try now – close your mouth bring your teeth together, push the lower jaw forward…..and try to make the snoring noise at the rear of your throat. If you have been successful at making the snoring noise as per Step 2Β  then you should find it difficult to reproduce the same sound with your lower jaw in the advanced position. It can be difficult holding your jaw in this forward position and that is why VitalSleep is designed this way. Pushing the jaw forward increase the physical size of the unencumbered or restricted air passage at the rear of your throat. A simple but effective way of eliminating the vibrations or snoring sound.

If you have successfully completed these 3 steps then there is a very good chance a Mandibular Advancement Mouthpiece like VitalSleep will work for you. It is just a matter of choosing the one you like.

Can You Use VitalSleep If You Have Dentures

Most manufactures of mandibular repositioning mouthpieces suggest that if you are someone who wears dentures, has crowns, bridges or caps, then you should NOT use one of their anti snoring devices. They can apply too much pressure to the plates or the dental work whilst they are being worn and could damage them the dental work.VitalSleep And Dentures

VitalSleep are very different in their recommendations and advise that you can use their device if you wear dentures but under certain circumstances. These circumstances are detailed in the FAQ section of the official website. You can check out the details for yourself on the website by clicking the link below.


CLICK HERE To Visit The OFFICIAL VitalSleep Website


My recommendation – based on my research and reader feedback, you should beΒ VERY careful using one of these mandibular repositioning mouthpiecesΒ  if you have dentures, caps, bridge work or crowns. The pressure applied over an extended period can have an effect on the dental work, depending on the quality, location and strength of the dental repairs. It is costly to repair dental work as you already know and it would be a gamble using these types of mouthpieces.

I would defer my choice to something like Good Morning Snore Solution which is another Tongue Stabilizing Device mouthpiece but not a MAD or alternatively My Snoring Solution which is a jaw supporter or chin strap.

I have tried both and they worked for me. My wife uses Good Morning Snore Solution for the reasons I have mentioned above.

VitalSleep Stop Snoring Mouthpiece

VitalSleep Stop Snoring Mouthpiece

The Cost Of VitalSleep And Where To Buy It

The recommended retail price is USD$59.95 plus postage of between $7.90 and $18.90 depending where you live and how you want it sent.

They do have some specials at times, where they will provide a “Two For One” deal. At the time of writing this article they do have this special in place but there is no guarantee how long it will last for. You just have to be lucky with these discount deals. Many of their competitors have specials as well so it is not unusual to see them from time to time.

VitalSleep is manufactured in two sizes. There is one for men [Regular] and one for women [Small]. Exact dimensions are detailed on the website. Click the “Products” tab at the top of the Home page of the website then look for another tab for “Specification”

VitalSleep is available internationally online, however I would only ever buy it from the OFFICIAL website for the following reasons:

  • To ensure you are obtaining the genuine article
  • Preserve the 30 day money back guarantee
  • Ensure you have detailed records in place by the company to ensure the credibility of the 365 day replacement warranty
  • Pick up genuine discounts and special deals

All links on my website will only ever take you to the OFFICIAL VitalSleep website

CLICK HERE – To Visit The OFFICIAL VitalSleep Website

Β VitalSleep OFFICIAL Website

You can also purchase VitalSleep through any of the licensed medical practitioners or dentists participating in the VitalSleep Medical Program through out the USA. Unfortunately they don’t provide a list on the website.


Positives And Negatives Of Snore Guard


πŸ™‚ The 365 day free replacement warranty, includes shipping – unmatched by any other competitor. Excellent.

πŸ™‚ Ability to mold the mouthpiece to fit the individual users mouth. Good, but read the Negatives for more information.

πŸ™‚ Fully adjustable forwards and backwards to meet the individual users comfort requirements. Excellent inclusions.

πŸ™‚ There is a 30 day money back guarantee.

πŸ™‚ Comes in two sizes – unusual for the industry. Well done to VitalSleep.

πŸ™‚ The price is competitive at $59.95 + $7.90 – $18.90 shipping depending on where you are located and how you want it shipped. Have some great “Special” prices from time to time including Two For One offers. Excellent.

πŸ™‚ FDA clearance – always good to obtain this.

πŸ™‚ The website is very well structured with a lot of detail including extensive FAQ, specification listing.

πŸ™‚ BPA and Latex free.

πŸ™‚ Website testimonials are extensive and excellent. Named/addressed to identify. Do not underestimate testimonials.

πŸ™‚ The company does say the mouthpiece can be used with dentures but I would exercise extreme caution doing so.

πŸ™‚ Longevity is reported to be 12 months. They will provided free replacements for up to 365 days from purchase of the original. This is a great offer by VitalSleep and is one of the main strengths of the device.


πŸ™ The molding does not form around the teeth but instead around the outline of the gums/mouth. As a result it is not the most comfortable of the fitted/molded mouthpieces available. The fit can be loose despite the fact you can mold it. For me this is the main issue I have with this mouthpiece and I see this very weakness as a major strength in some competitive mouthpieces.

πŸ™ The overall design of VitalSleep is a bit clunky and outdated amongst competitors. Whilst the lower plate can be adjusted to fit the individual, it is old school, untidy and open to debris retention.

πŸ™ Snorers who wear dentures are told they can use this snoring mouthpiece but I wonder if this is good advice. The industry competitors strongly recommend against wearing Mandibular Advancement Mouthpieces if you wear dentures and I am confused why they have gone against industry recommendation. Care should be exercised here I feel.

πŸ™ Has not obtained BBB accreditation. It is not compulsory but some may see this as a negative.

VitalSleep is one of the better “Complete Packaged” stop snoring mouthpieces available and it is surprising it does not rank higher within the search engines ratings on the internet.

The main issue I have with the package is the actual mouthpiece itself.

The design is not the best on the market and it is not the most comfortable one available. One of the main strengths of VitalSleep is the fact it can be molded to suit the user but in my opinion this is the biggest weaknesses as well. The fit does not always appear to be as good even after molding, because the molding does not surround and grip the actual teeth but more the outline of the gums and mouth.Β  It can at times still move around after molding and is not the most secure or comfortable fit.

It takes a while to become use to sleeping with something in your mouth and when you start out, you will certainly want your mouthpiece to be as comfortable as possible.

My findings suggest this does not happen all the time however but it is something you should keep in mind.

The molding could use some work on it. Consequently I could only rate this a 7/10 which in real terms rates this mouthpiece as my number 4 in overall preference.

When you have completed as much research on these devices and tried as many as I have, you will realize it is actually a pretty good result.

VitalSleep Additional Sleeping Support

Alteril is a product I have been using for some time now and I have no hesitation in recommending it to you. If you are like me and have difficulty nodding off and then staying asleep at night, then you might want to look at trying this sleeping aid.

Alteril Sleep Aid

I undertook a fair bit of research on this natural sleep aid and you can read more for yourself in this Alteril Sleep Aid Reviews I have completed.

It’s a totally natural sleep aid and has proven to be very popular. It’s not expensive at all and is very safe. You can buy it on Amazon.

I have combined its use together with my preferred mouthpiece and it has really helped me a lot over the years.


My Conclusion / Recommendation

I have to admit that VitalSleep have certainly completed their research and come up with a well packaged anti snoring device.

When I talk about “Package” I mean the whole sales package which includes:

  • Price – special offers and shipping costs
  • Guarantees, 365 day warranty, FDA clearance
  • Made in the USA, BPA and Latex free
  • Fitting – molding and adjustable forwards and backwards
  • Website structure is great, testimonials extensive, FAQ are great, specifications extremely detailed, video
  • Two sizes are available

Even though the package is good I will only rate VitalSleep as my number 4 in overall preferences purely because of the design and the comfort issue mentioned above. They are very influential to me and perhaps is the reason why it has not been as successful as it could have been.

As you go through the process of researching the various stop snoring mouthpieces available I would recommend you read the following reviews I have completed on this website.

These are some of the reviews I have completed however they are not rated in order of my preference…..but remember we are all different and what I rate as my number one may not be yours. Keep an open mind and go with what you like. If the one you select initially doesn’t work out for you, then try another one. I did and heaps of my readers have done the same.

  • Rated #1Β  SnoreRx – premium fully adjustable MAM snoring mouthpiece – great lifespan over 12 months – extremely comfortable molding applied to both upper and lower plates.
  • Rated #2Β  Good Morning Snore Solution – can be used safely by snorers who use dentures or have crowns, caps, bridgework – sensational 2% return rate.
  • Rated #3Β  ZQuiet – largest amount of searches on Google – prefabricate MAM stop snoring mouthpiece – one size fits all – living hinged which allows the mouth to open for breathing during sleep.

For those of you who just cannot adjust to a mouthpiece try reading this review of My Snoring Solution which is a chinstrap or jaw supporter. Very comfortable and works on a slightly different principle than the snoring mouthpiece choices.

I have used all four successfully.

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