Stop Snoring – The Benefits To You

You Will Never Look Back Once You Stop Snoring

I have broken down the list of benefits to you if you find a solution and control your snoring into two categories, Associated Benefits and Health Benefits.

They are based on a mixture of my personal experiences, experiences from my friends, feedback from my readers and from my detailed research. These are 100% real and I hope will be sufficient for you to come to a decision to do something about your snoring.

Associated Benefits

1. My wife and I are both snorers and we have both been impacted by each others snoring for years. You can just imagine the noise that would emulate from our bedroom at night. It didn’t matter if either of us had a non-snoring night because it would still effect the other. Even if I snored during the night I would still be woken up by my wife, and vice-verse.

It became a regular discussion between us who was being the main culprit and who was louder making it more difficult for each to sleep. As much as you try to not let it have an impact on your partner it can…and in a big way.

We Both Snored

We Took It In Turns Snoring Most Nights


I initially found relief from my snoring when I tried my first mouthpiece which was ZQuiet. It did take me time to adapt to it but I kept reading about other peoples experiences and the importance of perseverance, if I was to succeed. I can tell you ZQuiet was the initial reason why my life changed in so many ways. It wasn’t a perfect mouthpiece for me but it was a sensational start.

My wife was sleeping much better without me waking her. The “lively” discussion between the two of us was significantly reduced and replaced by motivational and positive outlooks for both of us.

Unfortunately she could not use ZQuiet because she wears a denture but it was the first significant step.

I tried a few other options including SnoreRx, which turned out to be one of my my favorites, Pure Sleep VitalSleep and My Snoring Solution.

I settled on SnoreRx, which for me was the best because it was the most comfortable [great molding] and the built in adjustable calibrator ensured it had the best forwards AND backwards movement for the lower jaw. Up until recently I rated SnoreRx as my number one mouthpiece and would suggest you take a look at it while you are on the website.

2. The task was only just beginning however and with further research I discovered Good Morning Snore Solution. Anyone can use this TSD mouthpiece and for us, this included people who wear dentures or have crowns, caps or bridge work. My wife was motivated to try this one, encouraged by my results and after a similar “settling in” period, she was rewarded with sensational success as well.

BTW – I also tried Good Morning Snore Solution and it worked for me as well. Rate it number three of all the ones I have tried and researched. Read my Device Reviews – Summary to see how I have rated them all.

In all honesty I think the change for my wife had the biggest impact on us. She was a much worse snorer than I was and we where both concerned she would follow the trend of two members of her family, who had been diagnosed with Sleep Apnea.

We had both achieved something quite incredible and it would be fair to say, we never thought we could both beat snoring……but we have and we embrace the positive changes to our lives with open and grateful hearts.

3. Family members noticed the difference in our sleeping habits as well and the rub off was immediate. Unless you have experienced snoring in the household, then it would be fair to say you will not have a full understanding of the impact it can have on you all.


Health Benefits

1. IMMEDIATE BENEFITS – Both my wife and I experienced similar health related issues associated with snoring and they all but disappeared once we both mastered our chosen mouthpieces.

We constantly lived our lives around:

  • Headaches – every morning at least one of us had a headache.
  • Dry mouth and sore throat during the night and as a result drinking water during the night and associated toilet “wakes”
  • Extreme tiredness during the day. Wanting to nap during the day
  • General fatigue due to a lack of natural uninterrupted sleep
  • Threat of Sleep Apnea due to increased snoring – mainly my wife who is a heavier snorer than I am and has family history.
  • Frequently waking at night including insomnia
  • Moodiness, irritability, depression
  • Forgetfulness and difficulty concentrating
  • Always feeling run down and caught cold and flu repeatedly

The turnaround we experienced has been stunning to say the least. I am sure you have suffered similar health related issues on an ongoing basis and if you are like us you will have no real understanding of their relation to snoring.

Not Snoring Improved Our Overall Health

We Began To Feel The Health Benefits Of Not Snoring

2. LONG TERM BENEFITS – The research I have completed has been extensive and what I have found out about the long term health effects of snoring have been nothing short of scary. It was certainly a motivation factor that ensured I did something about it in the first place.

We are now far less likely to suffer from the following serious health issues associated with ongoing and increasing heavy snoring:

  • Sleep Apnea – This is a dangerous condition and one of the first symptoms is snoring.
  • High Blood Pressure – it has been proven years ago snoring cause high blood pressure and this alone can kill you
  • Cancer – now proven beyond doubt
  • Heart Disease – it is now linked to snoring – read the below study findings
  • Stroke – it’s proven that Stroke is linked to snoring and Stroke is the fourth leading cause of death in the USA

I have written in great detail about two surveys I came across which where published recently. They came out of the USA and directly linked Cancer, Heart Disease and Stroke with Sleep Apnea and heavy snoring. Rather than repeat the content I would encourage you to read them both in conjunction with this article.

They are titled Sleep Apnea Linked To Cancer and Snoring Linked To Stroke And Heart Disease.

In Summary

As a snorer yourself, I am sure you can relate to at least some of our experiences and if you can then I can assure you, if you take on the challenge of doing something about it you will also reap the rewards, as both my wife and myself have.

It is not going to be easy and you will have to work at it. Unfortunately it is not as simple as buying a mouthpiece and placing it in your mouth and instantly you are no longer snoring, despite the marketing you see. They do work however.

Placing a mouthpiece in your mouth is going to feel weird and at first you might wish there was another alternative or you might even start to make excuses for not wanting to try and resolve your issues because it just seems all too hard.

You could be lucky and get away with it and live to be a ripe old age of 100 not out, but there’s a much higher risk you won’t.

Use our experiences as a yard stick and give it your best shot. You will benefit in so many ways.

I encourage you to save your life or at the very least lengthen your lifespan. Try something and if it doesn’t work for you….try something else….but don’t give up. If nothing else….your non-snoring partner will thank you for it.

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