SnoreRx Reviews – Stop Snoring Mouthpiece

SnoreRx – The Cheapest Top Shelf Mouthpiece On The Market

SnoreRx is a relatively new stop snoring mouthpiece and is proving to be one of the best stop snoring solutions available.

Please do not confuse it with the pillow of the same name. It is a fully adjustable mouthpiece and like many others, it is made in the United States of America but is available worldwide.

Sales over recent times have exceeded all expectations and I am going to show you why.

Something I must point out from the start, and that is I do not advocate SnoreRx as the sole treatment for Sleep Apnea [OSA] or even as an alternative to using a CPAP. SnoreRx is an effective treatment for “Simple Snoring” which is the term used to describe most peoples snoring.

In the event you do have OSA then I would recommend you read this forum discussion located on the Apnea Board Product Reviews Forum where someone discusses their experience using SnoreRx to relieve snoring. The gentleman concerned suffers from OSA and has usedย  a CPAP for many years and has not enjoyed the experience. The forum discussion is interesting reading.

Over the years there have been increasing health issues associated and directly linked to snoring and sleep apnea. I have written about a variety of these studies and revelations including one on stroke and heart disease. It involves a study completed in the USA between 2006 and 2012 involving 913 patients. Released in early 2013.


SnoreRx Stop Snoring Mouthpiece

My Own Personal SnoreRx Mouthpiece


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  • Could SnoreRx Save Your Life???
  • Why I Rate SnoreRx As The Number One Mouthpiece
  • Latest Version Of SnoreRx
  • How Does SnoreRx Work
  • Will It Work For You
  • SnoreRx Cleared By U.S. FDA โ€“ What Does That Mean
  • Testimonials – The Federal Trade Commission Impact
  • 30 Day 100% Unconditional Money Back Guarantee
  • The Positives And Negatives
  • Video Demonstration Of SnoreRx
  • How To Mold SnoreRx – Video
  • The Cost Of SnoreRx – Includes Discount Coupon Codes
  • Detailed SnoreRx Complaints
  • Where Can You Buy SnoreRx
  • Extra Support For SnoreRx
  • My Conclusion / Recommendation


Product Description And Summary Chart

My Rating Strong – 10/10 Best Guarantee, Long Lifespan :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
Product Description And Summary Chart
Type Mandibular Advancement Device – MAD
FDA Cleared Yes ๐Ÿ˜€
BBB Accreditation
Not Accredited – Not Compulsoryย  See BBB Comments
BBB Rating [A-F] N/A
Money Back Guarantee Yes – Full Unconditional 30 Day Money Back Guarantee :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
Cost USD $99.00 however Discount Codes are available – see below
Made In USA
Sold Internationally Via The Internetย  ๐Ÿ˜€
Clinical Studies Completed Effectiveness Of Mandibular Advancement Device
Best Suited To Anyone – except people who wear dentures, caps, crowns and bridge work

Could SnoreRx Save Your Life ???

Whilst this may appear to be a little over dramatic, the fact is, it is far more relevant than you might think.

There are serious social and health issues associated with snoring and they will impact all snorers in one way or another. Both my wife and I snored and I have written an article titled Stop Snoring – The Benefits To You about the seriously bad social and health issues we battled and what happened to us once we managed to control our snoring. [See links in side bar.]

Snoring Kills

Controlling snoring has changed our lives in both the immediate and long term and if you are snoring then you will experiencing similar problems. These are real experiences from real people just like you.

You have to to do something about your snoring now and the benefits to you will in many way be a duplication of our positive experiences. Once you have read the article you will certainly see how SnoreRx had a huge life changing impact on me.


Why I Rate SnoreRx As The Number One Mouthpiece

There are reasons why I rate SnoreRx as my number one choice:

1. It contains an advanced molding compound which is formed to suit individual users. This molding is simple to configure and fit and it is very soft and extremely comfortable. The molding ensures the mouthpiece is retained in place whilst you sleep. The photo you see here in the one of my very own mouthpiece and demonstrates the completed molding process.

My Own SnoreRx – To mold it you simply insert in hot water and gently bite down

Top View

Top View Showing Molding

SnoreRx viewing from the side

Side View








2. There is an advanced and very uniquely designed Calibrator which will allow the user to fully adjust the Mandibular [the lower jaw] forwards, which is vital to successfully stopping snoring.

Unlike other mouthpieces you can adjust the calibrator on an ongoing basis both in a forwards and backwards direction until you find a position to suit you. This is a fantastic feature of the mouthpiece and has made it so much easier to fit it and makes it more effective in controlling snoring.

SnoreRx Calibrator in Blue

The Calibrator Adjustment From 1 – 5

3. The company offers a unique Unconditional 30 Day, Money Back Guarantee and I believe it to be the best I have see. The bonus is in the detail of the guarantee and what I mean is, they will accept all returns even after the molding. In actual fact they almost insist customers complete their molding process prior to considering a return because they know, and so do I, that the fit of the mouthpiece is very different after the molding is completed.

Making a judgement on how comfortable SnoreRx is in your mouth when you try it straight out of the packet is a HUGE mistake. Do not do this because you will be making an error of judgement.

4. It is now available all around the world and not all its competition can say the same.

5. SnoreRx doesn’t cause or contribute to Temporomandibular Joint Disorder [TMJ] pain, which is a problem with some mouthpieces thatย  have a set and forget ridged Mandibular setup. Your Mandibular is your lower jaw.The SnoreRx advanced design enables Micro Calibration in one millimeter forward and backward increments to prevent against TMJ. In actual fact some inferior mouthpieces may cause this problem.

6. SnoreRx has a lifespan of between 12-15 months which is well in excess of its competitors.

The Calibrator Allows Both Forward And Backward Movement Of The Lower Plate

Mouthpiece Specifications



I rated SnoreRx as my equal number one mouthpiece together with SnoreMD which is a strikingly similar mouthpiece made by the same company, however SnoreMD has been discontinued. A good idea really because they where so much alike after recent improvements to SnoreRx.

Latest Version of SnoreRx

These are some of the graphics showing the latest version of SnoreRx. I haven’t tried this one yet.

New SnoreRx

New SnoreRx – Molding Yet To Be Completed

Side View of New SnoreRx

Side view showing change in calibration range

The New clear SnoreRx

The New SnoreRx has a totally different look


How Does SnoreRx Work

SnoreRx has been marketed as a Dental Lab Quality snoring mouthpiece which is fabricated using medical-grade co-polymers and components. Significantly it does not contain any uncomfortable or hard acrylics. The extremely safe material has undergone rigorous consumer testing and doesn’t contain anyย  latex or BPA [Bisphenol A].


SnoreRx Meets And Exceeds Medicare Standards

As you are no doubt aware snoring is, in the vast majority of instances, caused by restricted soft tissue vibrating at the rear of the throat. The very best solution to stop the vibration is to simply open up or widen the air passage so none of these the tissues are impinged. A clear opening means the tissues are not flapping or vibrating as the air rushes past them as we breathe in and out.

SnoreRx in fact duplicates the very same method utilized by professional dentists for more than 25 years to remedy the snoring problems their patients have suffered from. The SnoreRx anti snoring device is marketed by saying it is fabricated and engineered to work the instant it is removed from the package then molded to fit. There is no lead up time. If you can place it in your mouth then it will be instantly effective. This constitutes a sensation saving to the consumer plus avoids the need to visit a Dentist.

This diagram clearly illustrates how the tongue can relax and collapses backwards into the relaxed throat, impacting clear air flow.

Close Up Of Throat

Close Up Of Throat

SnoreRx works simply by pushing the lower jaw and tongue forward then away from the back or rear of the throat. As the tongue is attached to the lower jaw it will fall backwards as the jaw does when we are relaxed and sleeping.

While our body does this SnoreRx plays its role and pushes the lower jaw forward automatically opening up those restrictions in the air passage. This consequently allows a far better flow of air and has the direct result of stopping the vibration of the soft and relaxed throat muscles.

CLICK HERE – To Access The Official SnoreRx Website


Will It Work For You

Lets test to see if you are sure you know how the snoring noise is actually manufactured by the throat.

It will give you a great indication if the SnoreRx stop snoring mouthpiece will help with your snoring.

THIS IS THE 3 STEP EXERCISE – Just follow along:

  1. Close your mouth ensuring your natural bite comes together. Now breathe normally however do it through your nose. There is no need for you to lie down to do this.
  2. Now you will want to try and make a snoring vibration at the back/rear of your throat and your nasal passage. It means you have to breathe in quite quickly as you attempt try to make the snoring noise. You might relate the noise to that of a snorting or grunting pig. Keep breathing in and out through the nose drawing your air rapidly into the upper back part of the nasal passage then throat to create the snoring vibration. It’s not that difficult really and I am sure you have done it before. It is a bit like having a bad head cold and you have nasal congestion.
  3. Lets now try and repeat the process BUT before doing so, extend your bottom jaw forward making sure to keep your mouth closed. It is important to keep your mouth closed. Now – try to recreate the same noise as you did in step two. You will find it almost impossible if not totally impossible to duplicate the same noise. You might find it somewhat difficult to retain your jaw in a forward position. This is normal and the reason why SnoreRx has been made.


PLEASE NOTE – If you are a person who wears FULL dentures then you would be best not to use SnoreRx. Unfortunately, mandibular forward moving mouthpieces like this SnoreRx one should not be used by people who wear FULL dentures. If you wear a full denture then you would be better suited to either a chin strap called My Snoring Solution. or a different mouthpiece called Good Morning Snore Solution. Click on the live links in the right hand side bar to read my reviews.

SnoreRx Cleared By The U.S. FDA – What Does That Mean

It is well worth knowing that SnoreRx has obtained clearance from the United States of America’s FDA, to treat snoring problems.

SnoreRx Is FDA ClearedThe Food and Drug Administration [FDA] is a consumer health watchdog that is especially instrumental in protecting USA citizens from products and scams that do not fulfill the claims they make.

The FDA actually checks, that the product is very safe plus that it really does what it says it does.

You should feel an elevated level of buyer confidence as a result of this clearance. It confirms SnoreRx is safe and effective at eliminating snoring. I am sure a good number of people who snore would already have tried alternative solutions such as pillows, chinstraps, breathing strips, and perhaps even sprays, in an attempt to control their snoring. It would be reasonable to suggest many of these devices did not have FDA clearance.

Don’t under estimate the importance of this FDA clearance.

Testimonials – The Federal Trade Commission Impact

You would be wise to also consider the inclusion of Testimonials on a website when you are assessing the worthiness or credibility of a product.

Years ago, just about every website you visited had rows and rows of testimonials on it. The unfortunate thing about those testimonials from years ago was that many of them were not confirmed and in fact were very misleading…….. to be polite. The Federal Trade Commission recognized this as a problem for the consumer and has since placed significant penalties on manufacturers and companies who openly breach these proactive trade restrictions.

There can be extremely heavy penalties applied by the FTC for those trading on the internet who include unsubstantiated and unconfirmed testimonials on their websites.

CLICK HERE – View The Official SnoreRx Website Testimonials

You can certainly gain additional comfort from the fact SnoreRx has a great array of customer testimonials on their official website. There are even some video testimonials.

30 Day 100% Unconditional Money Back Guarantee

In just about all cases, manufacturers marketing goods and services on the internet will always include a guarantee. SnoreRx is no different in this regard but it does have an enormous positive twist to its guarantee.

Normally a guarantee is only honored if you return the product unused. This is not the case with SnoreRx and in fact they encourage you NOT to return the product until it has been used. They want you to mold it first then try it because it neither fits you properly or works properly unless you complete the molding.

I can assure you from my first hand experience, the mouthpiece does feel very uncomfortable if you insert it into your mouth without completing the molding process. Straight out of the packet is no way to judge this device.SnoreRx 100% Unconditional Money Back Guarantee

The experience was totally different once I completed molding it to my teeth. In my opinion it is by far the most comfortable mouthpiece I have used.

What ever you do, don’t make the mistake of returning the mouthpiece unless you have completed the set up instructions [molding]. You would have made an error of judgement if you do.

All returns must be sent to:
Apnea Sciences Corp (Attn: Returns)
27071 Cabot Road, Bldg# 118
Laguna Hills Ca 92653

Positives And Negatives Of SnoreRx

It is very normal for goods and services to have a list of positives and negatives. SnoreRx is not immune to this either but in my opinion the positives really do outweigh the negatives in this instance. It is also important to make sure we can identify the difference between a Negative and a Dislike as well when we assess anything.

I see a Negative as being some that reflects poorly on the product, service or company whereas a Dislike is something I just don’t particularly like about it. A like is personal.

SnoreRx Positives

๐Ÿ™‚ Full clearance by the FDA. Not all devices of this nature obtain full clearance from the Food and Drug Administration. Massive positive.

๐Ÿ™‚ Website testimonials on the official website reflect product credibility. I am confident of their validity when you consider the role of the Federal Trade Commission [FTC] plays in regulating testimonials. If unsubstantiated, the FTC will invoke very harsh penalties on the company. These penalties can bring down companies. Another huge positive.

๐Ÿ™‚ The device is made from extremely safe materials. It’s constructed of medical-grade co-polymers and components. Has used no hard acrylics. Some lesser quality controlled mouthpieces don’t use similar materials and can often become brittle then break.

๐Ÿ™‚ Priced well at USD $99.00. Perhaps you might think this is expensive initially but my experience tells me other mouthpieces can exceed this cost and be half the quality. SnoreRx is a quality mouthpiece and has innovative design features others don’t have. A individually designed and fitted Dentist mouthpiece can cost you over $550. In many case they are no better than SnoreRx and don’t have the calibration.

๐Ÿ™‚ The fully adjustable built in calibrator and the enhanced molding are the two main features of this stop snoring device and are standouts in my opinion. The special molding allows exact fitting, excellent comfort and enables the mouthpiece to sit perfectly around the teeth. The Calibrator allows continual adjustment opportunities throughout the lifespan of the device. You are not locked in to one or two positions.

๐Ÿ™‚ Success rate is being marketed at around the 84% level. Keep in mind the role the FTC plays here when you read about how successful a device is. The FTC can ask at any time for a company to substantiate these claims, so they must have good credible data to support these results. It is not like days gone by where claims can be made by manufacturers to help boost sales. They must be able to confirm claims now.

๐Ÿ™‚ The 30 day Unconditional, 100% Money Back Guarantee is a big plus for me, particularly when you add in the twist that they are almost insisting you use the product first.ย  Many manufacturers will not accept returns if the product has already been used. Not so in this instant. Excellent positive.

๐Ÿ™‚ The mouthpiece has a lifespan of 12-15 months. It does depend on the user however because some people [like me] grind their teeth when sleeping so it is natural for you to expect more wear and less longevity. Many of the competitor mouthpieces only last 6-7 months, including some of the Dentist designed units.

๐Ÿ™‚ SnoreRx is sold worldwide via the internet. Many others do not have the capability or approvals to do so.

๐Ÿ™‚ There is a “Qualification” process you must go through when you order the mouthpiece. This is to ensure your health is protected and that you are fully aware of who should not wear the mouthpiece. Manufacturers must apply for a special license to sell stop snoring mouthpieces over the internet. To comply with the license to sell online, without a qualified medical expert assessing the patient, the governing bodies insist on a series of qualifying question be asked of the consumer before they can purchase.ย  This is an exception code of practice which I applaud. Whilst the reality is, people can answer any way they like, the fact is the company is complying.

SnoreRx Negatives

๐Ÿ™ There is, for some people, a minor degree of discomfort during the settling in period as you commence using the device. This is generally in the initial two weeks. The bottom jaw can ache a little due to the re positioning forward. As your mouth and jaw adjusts to it, this ache should in most instances disperse. It is like starting an exercise program – your body can ache in the beginning until you become use to it. I certainly experienced this feeling myself when I initially used my SnoreRx.ย  My approach was to wear it in short bursts to start with and slowly increase the wear time over the course of a couple of weeks. I even tried it when I was sitting watching TV of an evening, just to acclimatize.

๐Ÿ™ It is only available to be purchased online at the moment. I don’t see this as a major issue but some people may because they feel uncomfortable using credit cards online.

๐Ÿ™ The mouthpiece generally should not be used if you are a person who wears full dentures. This is a generic issue with most mandibular re positioning mouthpieces, like SnoreRx. Most manufactures of these types of anti snoring devices recommend, if you have full dentures then you should not use their mouthpieces. The pressure applied on dentures can damage them and dislodge them from the mouth. There are a couple of alternatives available to those people who wear dentures and I have written some reviews ofย ย My Snoring Solution andย Good Morning Snore Solution. Just click on the live links in the right hand side bar to read. My Snoring Solution is a chin strap and Good Morning Snore Solution is a mouthpiece, however it is not mandibular mouthpiece. It has a very impressive return rate of only 2%.

๐Ÿ™ The SnoreRx website is different plus I am not a fan of the automatic figurine pop-up video’s. You cannot turn them off and it is annoying. Seems more and more websites are adding this “feature”.

Video Demonstrations Of SnoreRx

If you are like me, you may relate more to something if you can see a video about it. Buying on the internet can be difficult at the best of times so I have created a few demonstration videos of SnoreRx so you can get a better idea of what it looks like. “Video 1” is of the original device [blue molding] and the other the latest release.

I have increased the size of the video’s to enhance viewing.

Video 1 Content:

  • Introduction
  • Unpacking the device
  • Close up views to show construction
  • Good look at the molding
  • Calibrator – how it works
  • Personal fitting
  • Summary

I trust the videos will give you some perspective of the SnoreRx mouthpiece including dimensions and a bit of a feel of what it looks like.

You will agree, I am sure, once you have viewed the videos, that you are not going to look sensational when you are wearing it. Despite the dreadful look, it feels really comfortable. Keep in mind – I am not a big person and it sits in my mouth easily.

The website details displayed in “Video 1” are those of my initial website. I have expanded my research on mouthpieces so I have created this new one you are on now.

Please Note

The website detailed in “Video 1” is one of my older websites as well and is still current.

Video 1 – The Original SnoreRx Mouthpiece


ย Video 2 – Latest Release of SnoreRx

Video 3 – Comparing the OLD and NEW SnoreRx


The Cost Of SnoreRx

SnoreRx costs USD $99.00 plus shipping. ย See Discount Coupon Code offers below to reduce price.

If you are like me you might initially think the mouthpiece is too expensive when you first find out how much it costs. It certainly is a little more expensive than some of the others on the market BUT,

It is important to put the price discussion into perspective:

1. When I started to look into the construction and features including the inbuilt calibrator, the special molding plus the unconditional [use it first] guarantee and FDA clearance, I was a convert.ย  My mindset is also such that I will try just about anything to stop snoring and if it means paying a few extra dollars to do it then I will.

2. When I received it in the mail I began to feel even more comfortable with my decision.ย  Once you get it in your hands you can start to see the real quality. Others I had tried before just didn’t compare with SnoreRx. They worked alright but just didn’t seem to have the finish of SnoreRx.

3. My next impression was mixed and fraught with disaster. I did what everyone does and I stuck it in my mouth straight out of the box just to see how it felt. I felt awful. It was huge and did not fit correctly at all.ย  Then I remembered the molding instructions.

Once the molding was completed it was a totally different mouthpiece. It just slipped into my mouth like a hand in aย  glove. Great stuff. I remember saying to myself…..“what a relief that was”. I really thought I was in trouble there for a while.

It was so very different in a positive way, to the others I had tried. It felt extremely secure. Firm, but at the same time very comfortable. It didn’t move around at all due to the molding.

4. My last impression – it worked a treat for me and I was wrapped with it. I took my time wearing it in however and did so over a couple of weeks to give myself the best opportunity to become use to it.

Despite the fact it might be one of the more pricey mouthpieces available on the web [by USD $30] it is still a lot more cost effective than a similar quality Dentist designed mouthpiece [by at least USD$550] and has superior flexibility, in terms of adjustment [the Calibrator], plus it has a great lifespan.

In the worst case scenario you can always act on the guarantee and return. In my opinion, this is the best one on the market.


Two Price Discount Coupon Codes

I am lucky enough to have access to an ongoing 15% discount coupon code. This 15% discount coupon codes change from time to time and I will update it so it will remain valid and work.

If……. for some reason it doesn’t work for you on the day [let me know] then you can use the “Subscribers” coupon code below.

Click on the below code or any other link on this page then enter it into the SnoreRx site when you order.

Click this current 15% Discount Codeย  SUPERSNX15

The subscribers discount coupon code below is generally available when you sign up to subscribe to SnoreRx but normally you will not know this unless you try to leave the Order page on the official SnoreRx website. They make the offer of the discount to tempt you to buy. Why not. Many businesses will do this to capture sales.

Access the official SnoreRx website by clicking the below code or any other link on this page.

This is the Subscribers 10% Discount CodeTHANKS888


SnoreRx Complaints

My research online found these complaints.

๐Ÿ™ The USD $99.00 cost is too much – answered that above.

๐Ÿ™ The mouthpiece only last 12-15 months – SnoreRxย  has a life span far superior to many of its competitors and in fact some of the Dentist designed ones.

๐Ÿ™ Teeth and jaw soreness – This is one of the main complaints about SnoreRx and to be fair it would be the number one complaint for any of the Mandibular advancing mouthpieces. Unfortunately some people do not get through the introduction period due to this.ย  It is definitely an individual user problem and is a relevant issue.

๐Ÿ™ Excessive saliva including drooling when asleep – can be a concern for some people yet it actually appears to be somewhat isolated. It’s certainly an individual user issue.

๐Ÿ™ Mouthpiece keeps falling out during the nightย  – This can be a problem with any mouthpieces in actual fact. Certainly a relevant issue but again does not happen to everyone. I also lost mine a few times as I settled into it as well. Normal behavior I would suggest.

๐Ÿ™ The device doesn’t work – This is a fair statement and is a credibly complaint because it is true for some people. The success rate is around 84% so for some it just doesn’t come together for a variety of reasons.

It is important to understand that these complaints are fairly generic across the range of stop snoring mouthpieces, particularly those that realign the lower jaw.

However they are credible, realistic complaints and it would be wise to considered them, but in the wider context of the review.

When I decided to go down the path of trying some of these mouthpieces, I completed my own research as well and so I knew about these issue prior to making a decision to try one.

Snoring was only ever going to continue to have an impact on my health both in the short and longer terms. It was not a hard decision for me to take a risk. At the end of the day I was talking about a little money verses my health and personal relationships.

At the time I started to do my research I was not aware of the impact snoring had on health in terms of cancer, heart disease and stroke.


Where Do You Buy SnoreRx

You should never buy a dedicate product like SnoreRx from anywhere other than the OFFICIAL website.

All the links you will find on this website will only ever take you to the Official SnoreRx website.

CLICK HERE To Buy From The Official SnoreRx Website

Why should you only buy SnoreRx from their website:

  • You will want to make sure the 30 Day Money Back Guarantee is honored and this is only available from the official site.
  • Authenticity – avoid 3rd party offers to ensure quality purchases. Non genuine devices must be avoided at all costs.
  • Record of purchase – SnoreRx will have details of your purchase so if you make a decision to return it you won’t have a problem.

Extra Support For SnoreRx

If you are a light sleeper and you wouldn’t mind trying something to help you nod off and stay asleep then you might like to consider this.

It is something your partner could try as well.Alteril Sleep Aid

Alteril is well known as a natural sleep aid. The research I have completed strongly suggests it is extremely useful to send you off to sleep and to remain settled during the night.

Take a look at my article titled Alteril Sleep Aid Reviews. There are some links there pointing you Amazon where they can be purchased cheaply.

Combined with the SnoreRx you will enhance your chances of enjoying a really restful sleep.

My Conclusion / Recommendation

I have spent a considerable amount of time completing my due diligence of the SnoreRx stop snoring mouthpiece and I am extremely comfortable with my findings. My own personal experiences have reinforced my overall opinion. I have come to the conclusion that SnoreRx is my equal first choice for a stop snoring mouthpiece.

I feel the credibility of the device confirmed by testimonials plus my very own personal experience over a number of years. The FDA clearance is also a influence for me as well.

Personally I believe this quality mouthpiece to be very well priced at USD $99.00 and is complimented by an industry leading guarantee. What I love about the guarantee is the fact the company will still honor the guarantee after you have completed the molding process. They actually recommend you do the molding before making a decision to return.

Some things to keep into context when you are going through your decision making process for ANY snoring solution.

  • If you continually snore and it’s impacting either/both your health and/or your relationship with your partner, would it not be the smart thing to try a variety of things just to see if they worked.
  • Lets say you decided to try SnoreRx but it turned out you did not qualify as one of the lucky 84% of people who have experienced success. Now take it to the next level and say you missed out on the refund for whatever reason. Would it have been worth while taking a risk for USD $99.00 to stop snoring when you consider the alternatives below.
  • Sleep Apnea and snoring have now been proven, to be directly linked to cancer, heart disease and stroke. The scary reality is, these particular health issues have only just been proven in recent times. What will they find in the future.

You can only ever answer these questions for yourself as I did. For me it was an easy decision and I came out ahead.


๐Ÿ™„ Keep in mind that if you are wearing a FULL denture then you might have to give SnoreRx a miss. Try My Snoring Solution orย  Good Morning Snore Solution as alternatives instead. The Good Morning Snore Solution is still a stop snoring mouthpiece but isn’t a mandibular mouthpiece. It’s a different mouthpiece but still works extremely well with a reported “return rate” of 2%. Pretty amazing number. If you wear dentures or you have an issue with teeth or jaw soreness, you might want to check it out.

๐Ÿ™„ It’s a given isn’t it – we’re all different and just because SnoreRx might be my preferred choice it doesn’t mean it has to be yours. As we are all drawn to different things you might also like to tour the website and compare some other devices.ย  ZQuiet, a fixed mandibular mouthpiece is an alternative. If you are looking for a mouthpiece that will allow you to open your mouth whilst you are sleeping, or perhaps you prefer a universal fit, then ZQuiet is a great option. I also rate this one highly and have personal experience using it.

I hope you have enjoyed this review of the SnoreRx stop snoring mouthpiece. There are more reviews of anti snoring devices for you to look at. Thanks for visiting my website.

I’m Admin, and I’m the guy writing all of the information contained in this website. My goal is to provide you with my very own user experiences, plus comprehensive researched information, to help find a solution for your snoring problem.


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