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Pure Sleep Has Adjustment Limitations

The Pure Sleep reviews I have seen about this particular stop snoring mouthpiece are mixed but generally positive. Not many of them go into great depth, so I am hoping I can provide more of an insight into this anti snoring device, than you may have seen before.

Before I commence the Pure Sleep review I would like to draw your attention to two Health Issue articles I have written and are located on the website you are on now.

There have been some long term [22 years] studies completed by medical scientists in the USA and Spain which have only just been release worldwide. These studies reveal undeniably, proven evidence there are links between Sleep Apnea and Snoring to Cancer, Stroke and Heart Disease.

These are the articles I have written based on the scientific studies. Please read them before you leave my website. They are extremely important to you if you are a snorer.

  • Sleep Apnea Is Linked To Cancer
  • Snoring Linked To Stroke And Heart Disease

Links to thses articles can be located in the right hand sidebar of this website.


Now for the review……….Pure Sleep has been marketed online for some years now, commencing in around 2007 as best I can determine. It is manufactured out of the USA and marketed online all around the world. Like many of these earlier stop snoring mouthpieces it is fixed, dual plated mouthpiece.


Pure Sleep Mouthpiece

Pure Sleep Mouthpiece

In This Pure Sleep Reviews I Will Cover

  • Product Description And Summary Chart
  • Could Pure Sleep Save Your Life ???
  • Is Pure Sleep Popular
  • Does It Work
  • Pure Sleep Has FDA Clearance
  • The Cost of Pure Sleep
  • Positives And Negatives
  • Where Can You Buy Pure Sleep
  • Extra Pure Sleep Support
  • My Conclusion / Recommendation


Product Description And Summary Chart

My Rating Average Only – 5/10    Old technology, Short Lifespan   😳
Product Description And Summary Chart
Type Mandibular Advancement Device – MAD
FDA Cleared Yes 😀
BBB Accreditation Yes 😀
BBB Rating [A-F] A 😀
Money Back Guarantee Yes – Full 30 Day Money Back Guarantee 😀
Cost USD $59.90 – Two for one optionsee below for details
Made In USA
Sold Internationally Via The Internet  😀
Clinical Studies Completed Effectiveness Of Mandibular Advancement Devices
Best Suited To Anyone – except people who have dentures, crowns, caps, bridge work

Could Pure Sleep Save Your Life ???

It is a big statement I know and is not out of context in any way in my opinion. It is meant to grab your attention because it may be the most accurate title you have ever read.

The article I have written linking snoring to heart disease and stroke is something very close to my wife and myself and I would suggest once you read it you might see some familiar signs for you as well.

Snoring Kills

Our lives completely changed for the better once we controlled our snoring and we are not alone in our experiences. Many people have contacted me to confirm they have experienced similar issues and similar life changing effects as a result of controlling their problem.

You have a solution to your snoring right in the palm of your hand now. The health benefits alone will not only impact you but your family as well….and in a huge way.

Please read my article.

Is Pure Sleep Popular

The fact Pure Sleep has been available for a good period longer than many other stop snoring mouthpieces and is still doing well, suggests it is still a popular device.

In my opinion Pure Sleep is popular for a variety of good reasons:

1. When Pure Sleep was initially introduced to the public, not many other Mandibular mouthpieces were competing with it.

2. The lower plate is adjustable and has three settings.

3. Pretty impressive marketing plan – 30 day trial for $9.95 [shipping]. If you keep it they will send another  = 2 for $59.90.

4. Available internationally – online via their website and offline via their Dentist Partnership Program.

5. Molding to suit individual users.

6. Includes a standard 30 day money back guarantee

Pure Sleep Marketing video. Shows how it works

Does It Work

Pure Sleep is a prefabricated mouthpiece that can be molded to suit the individual user. It is a mandibular repositioning mouthpiece and works by moving the lower jaw slightly forward when you insert it in the mouth. The key to the success of these radically designed mouthpieces is the function of realigning the bottom jaw forward.

Because Pure Sleep advances the lower mandibular, or bottom jaw, in a slightly forward position it effectively opens the air passage towards the rear of our throat. As a direct result of the widening, it eradicates any lingering vibrations which are the noises we relate to as snoring.

The Pure Sleep anti snoring device consists of two separate FDA cleared plastic plates. There is the harder outer covering plus a much softer inner, which is used to mold around the teeth to ensure a comfortable and secure fit.

This video by Pure Sleep shows the clearing air passage

as a result of the realigned lower jaw


The video above is a good one in the sense it shows how ALL the mandibular repositioning mouthpieces work to open the air passage at the rear of the throat.

It is important to to understand, that these mouthpieces are NOT always 100% successful at controlling snoring in the manner in which they are marketed. Pure Sleep is a good mouthpiece but it, like all stop snoring solutions, does not work for everyone. This is not to cast a poor reflection on Pure Sleep itself. It is a statement that covers ANY stop snoring device.

Pure Sleep Has FDA Clearance

The FDA [Food and Drug Administration] is a USA government consumer watchdog and is set up to protect US citizens from unsafe and unscrupulous products and services. They provide clearances to various products and services consumers can purchase all over the USA.

FDA Cleared

Pure Sleep has obtained an FDA clearance.  The FDA clearance they provide in particular for mouthpieces like the one provided to Pure Sleep, certifies it is safe plus can be an effective device to treat snoring.

They certainly do not guarantee it will stop everyone from snoring however but is not what they have been established to do in any case. This is exactly the same for every clearance the FDA provides for any snoring mouthpiece.

It is certainly a Positive to have this clearance non the less.


The Cost Of Pure Sleep

One of the most impressive things about the Pure Sleep package is the marketing plan.

The price of Pure Sleep is a big “Sales Hook”. It’s great marketing.

As an introduction to the snoring mouthpiece, you are able to take up a 30 day trial for $9.95 [basically shipping costs] then if you decide to retain the mouthpiece, they will send you another one, 30 days later and charge you USD $59.90. Basically you obtain two for USD $9.95 + $59.90 = $69.85.

Your additional mouthpiece purchases are USD $59.90 per unit after the introductory package.

I would be the first to admit this is a cheap way of trying Pure Sleep…HOWEVER… it is worthwhile keeping in mind the lifespan or questionable “Quality” of the mouthpiece.

The below caption is directly from the Pure Sleep website – FAQ page.

“Each PureSleep device undergoes normal wear and tear through the course of wearing it every night. We recommend replacing the unit every 6-9 months. Some individuals grind their teeth more than others and therefore may need to replace the unit more often. It is possible to re-boil it up to 3-4 times if it needs to be reshaped.

So…… what could this mean to me….. as a snorer who grinds his teeth:

  • I will be replacing my mouthpiece under 6 months.
  • As a comparison with my current mouthpiece – I will be ordering 2 -3 mouthpieces for every 1 mouthpiece I am using now.
  • The cost is going to be significantly more over time, as a comparison to my current mouthpiece.
  • Even if I didn’t grind my teeth the mouthpiece still lasts less than half the time of my current mouthpiece.

The point of this little mini “Cost” exercise is just to put the price into perspective. Whilst cheap doesn’t always suggest a lesser quality purchase, it can in many instances be the case.

This will have an influence on buyers now that there are more options to consider I would suggest.


Positives And Negatives

I guess we all accept that there will be good and bad things about individual products and services. I have detailed what I see are those for Pure Sleep.

I am always conscious of not making this a LIKES verses NOT LIKES list because I see this method of assessing a product as personal. I want to look at the strengths and weaknesses of something on a more “Factual” basis.

Pure Sleep Positives

😀 The trial for $9.95 plus the offer of 2 devices for USD $59.90 is an excellent marketing strategy.

😀 The fact it is available worldwide and shipping costs are between $9.95 – $19.95 is good

😀 Being able to buy online plus from participating Dentists in the USA and Canada is very good.

😀 FDA clearance – always a big positive.

😀 Ability to chose from three mandibular settings to help fit individual users.

😀 Individual molding to suit the user is essential for comfort – excellent.

😀 Website testimonials are good – the Federal Trade Commission [FTC] can impose server penalties on manufacturers if they find they are non genuine and Pure Sleep will know this. They have a reasonable selection of picture and named testimonials including video.

Pure Sleep

Pure Sleep Negatives

🙁 The cost of the mouthpiece at the initial introductory offer is great and additional purchases at $59.90 is very competitive, however replacements of the device appears to be significantly more often than any of its competitors . As I mentioned above, their website nominates 6-9 months and less if you grind your teeth. If this is the case, then the long term cost of the mouthpiece could be well in excess of many of its competitors. Buyers must keep the price verses lifespan into perspective.

🙁 There isn’t much information on the website about what materials are used in the construction of the mouthpiece. Has FDA clearance and this is significantly important and may be enough for some but I would have thought letting people know exactly what it is made of would be a good option to consider. “100% American made materials”, as noted form the website just does not have the same positive impact if you are considering placing it in your mouth for 8 hours a night. They do say it is latex and BPA free which is good.

🙁 There are 3 positions to choose from when you set up your mouthpiece. The settings enable the user to select the forward position of the mandibular [lower jaw] they prefer.  This is a good option to have built in…. BUT….once you have chosen a suitable position and completed the molding, the device is locked into that position. If you decide at a later time that your selected position doesn’t work for you or is hurting you then you have wasted that mouthpiece. I would prefer to see an ongoing ability to change this setting throughout the lifespan of the mouthpiece like some of its competitors have. SnoreRx for example has unlimited forward and backward adjustment capabilities.

🙁 You are able to mold the inner part mouthpiece up to 3-4 times to ensure a good fit. Feedback suggests the molding is not the most comfortable and this is an important point to be aware of. One gentleman I spoke to from the US said that whilst Pure Sleep did work, it was the most uncomfortable device he had ever worn. He tried numerous times to remold it and reshape it himself and the only reason he continued with it was because of his family. He is now using SnoreRx. Comfortable, well supported molding is extremely important with these mandibular mouthpieces because of the significant pressure they apply to the teeth and gums.

🙁 Forum discussions seems to suggest the device can lose shape after a relatively short period of time and as a consequence becomes loose despite attempts to reheat and repeat the molding process.

🙁 Shipping can be delayed by up to 3-4 weeks if you place phone orders. Shipping cost are good, but why does it take so long to receive it if you phone you order through.

🙁 If you wear a denture you can’t use Pure Sleep, however this is identical for all mandibular repositioning mouthpieces. If you have to wear a denture or have caps, crowns or bridges you might want to look at the reviews I have written on a chinstrap called My Snoring Solution or a mouthpiece which isn’t a mandibular mouthpiece called Good Morning Snore Solution. It has a crazy return rate of only 2%.

All in all I have to confess I am somewhat disappointed with how I feel about Pure Sleep after completing my research. Initially I was attracted to Pure Sleep due to the fact it has been around for a considerable amount of time, and this is generally a good sign the product is successful.

I certainly am a big fan of the introductory trial offer, especially when you consider the price and the fact they give you two. It’s up there with one of the best intro offers in the market……but the lifespan and perceived questionable quality has me concerned. Lifespan is poor and quality construction has me concerned as well.

It could very well be that time and competition may have caught up with Pure Sleep. I see a number of superior designed and functioning mouthpieces on the market nowadays.

I would rate Pure Sleep at breakeven  – 5/10 Rating

Graphic reveals structure of Pure Sleep and various settings

Pure Sleep Diagram

Pure Sleep Diagram

Where Can You Buy Pure Sleep

There are generally two options you can chose from if you want to buy Pure Sleep

  1. Online via their Official website    Click Here To Visit The Official Pure Sleep Website
  2. Through their Dental and Medical Partner Program – this enable you do buy directly from any Dentist who is part of the members program.

When ordering online, as is usual with these types of mandibular mouthpieces, you have to complete a checklist to qualify you as an appropriate user. Unfortunately not everyone is able to use the mouthpiece. As Pure Sleep is a Class II medical device you require a prescription from a licensed dentist or physician. The checklist defaults as a prescription under the terms of the Federal Trade Commission.

I like this form of control.


Extra Pure Sleep Support

If you are someone like me and have difficulty getting off to sleep at night and enjoying a restful uninterrupted sleeping pattern, then you might be interested in an article I have written and is located on my site. Alteril Sleep Aid

It’s titled Alteril Sleep Aid Reviews and it is certainly worth a look. You might thank me for it…..even if it helps your partner enjoy a good nights sleep.

Many of the reviews, particularly at Amazon, speak very highly of this natural sleep aid.

If you think it might it suit you – give it a go.


My Conclusion / Recommendation

Pure Sleep has great longevity and has been around since at least 2007. The basic design has proven successful and it would be hard to argue the mouthpiece has not been successful.


It is my opinion there are a number of newer mouthpieces with fresher designs which I firmly believe supersede Pure Sleep in a functional, quality and technical sense.


1. Same price [roughly] option – I would recommend ZQuiet.

  • It is more comfortable
  • Totally different and innovative design
  • It last 12 months minimum – your return on investment is much better

I have completed a review of ZQuiet.

2. Best Quality – The single best quality in a mouthpiece is SnoreRx.

  • It will cost you USD $99.00 but will last well in excess of 12 months
  • Molding is sensational and mouthpiece is extremely comfortable
  • Has unlimited mandibular repositioning options, both forwards and backwards
  • Fits into the mouth far better than Pure Sleep
  • Unconditional 30 money back guarantee even after molding has been completed

I have also completed a review of SnoreRx.

I strongly recommend you take the time to read my reviews on both SnoreRx  a premium mandibular mouthpiece and ZQuiet a fixed mandibular mouthpiece These are relatively new mouthpieces and incorporate radical new design features. I have tried them both and each has worked for me.


You should not use a mandibular repositioning stop snoring mouthpiece like Pure Sleep, ZQuiet or SnoreRx if you wear dentures, have caps crowns or bridges, particularly if they are located in your front teeth.

I would recommend you acquaint yourself with these alternative options.  Read my reviews on Good Morning Snore Solution and My Snoring Solution.

I’m Admin, and I’m the person writing the information contained in this website. It is my goal to provide you with as much of my own user experiences, plus provide extensive and comprehensive researched data, to help you find a stop snoring solution to your snoring problem.
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