My Snoring Solution Reviews – Stop Snoring Chinstrap

My Snoring Solution Is For Those Who Dislike Mouthpieces

In this comprehensive My Snoring Solution reviews I am going to demonstrate why this stop snoring chinstrap does work and why it still represent great value as an anti snoring device.

Before I start my review I would like to draw your attention to a number of extremely significant Health Issue articles I have written, associated with Snoring and Sleep Apnea.

Recently, two extremely significant and long term studies where finalized in the USA and documentation surrounding these long term studies was release to the public. These articles directly link snoring with three MAJOR health issues facing people all around the world.

This effects YOU if you are a snorer or have Sleep Apnea.

Please read these articles before you leave my website:

  • Sleep Apnea Is Linked To Cancer
  • Snoring Linked To Stroke And Heart Disease

Now for the review…….

The main aim of this chinstrap strap is to ensure the users mouth is kept closed. Its role is to also make sure the lower jaw and tongue, don’t fall backwards during deep sleep and as a consequence restrict the air passage. As the tongue is attached to our lower jaw, if our jaw withdraws back when we are asleep, it has the potential to block our narrow air passage. This blockage causes vibrations and snoring as we know it.

The jaw strap is a good addition to my Help To Stop Snoring website for a variety of different reasons:

1. If you don’t already know, snorers who wear full dentures, crowns, caps or bridges, shouldn’t use traditional Mandibular mouthpieces.

2. Not every snorer will relate to a mouthpiece for lots of reasons.

3. Some snorers have attempted mouthpieces but can’t adjust to them.

4. The chinstrap is a great alternative to consider and does work as an anti snoring device.

5. I found it worked well for me and it was VERY comfortable as well.

6. I have read some negative misinformed reviews of this jaw strap and it annoys me that people can miss out on a great opportunity to try one of the great snoring remedies, because of distorted views from really uneducated and biased people. Sure…. it does NOT WORK for everyone, but then again nor do some of the normal mandibular repositioning mouthpieces. We all relate to different things and what may not work for one person may be fantastic for someone else.

My Snoring Solution Chin Strap

My Snoring Solution Chin Strap


Included In My Review

  • Product Description And Summary Chart
  • Could My Snoring Solution Save Your Life ???
  • How Popular Is My Snoring Solution
  • How Does It Work
  • The Cost of The Chinstrap
  • 90 Day Money Back Guarantee – WOW
  • Positives And Negatives of My Snoring Solution
  • Where Can You Buy It
  • Video Demonstration
  • My Conclusion / Recommendation


Product Description And Summary Chart

My Rating Strong – 7/10   90 Day Guarantee, Very comfortable     😀
Product Description And Summary Chart
Type Jaw Supporter or Chinstrap
FDA Cleared No – Not sought   😳
BBB Accreditation No – Not Sought   Not compulsory – See BBB Comments
BBB Rating [A-F] N/A
Money Back Guarantee Yes – 90 Day Money Back Guarantee [has conditions]  😀
Cost USD $119.97 – great two for one offer – see below
Made In USA
Sold Internationally Via The Internet
Clinical Studies Completed None located
Best Suited To No restrictions. People who wear dentures, caps, crowns and bridge work can use

Could My Snoring Solution Save Your Life

This title is meant to grab your attention for the right reason.

There are serious social and health issues associated with snoring and I am sure you know that already. I have written an article titled Stop Snoring – Benefits To You [link in side bar] and in the article I cover the social and health issues both myself and my wife experienced whilst we suffered from snoring PLUS the huge life changing benefits we experienced once we had it under control.

Snoring Kills

If you are snoring then there is every chance you are currently sharing some of the problems we did and whats more you will no doubt benefit in the same way we did once you have these same problem eliminated from your day to day life.

I encourage you to read the article and see exactly how you too can change your life by making a decision to try something to stop your snoring.

How Popular Is My Snoring Solution

When I searched for the name “My Snoring Solution” on the Google’s keyword analyzer [as at the time of this review] it revealed 6,600 searches per month.

Statistics might tell us it’s not receiving quite the same volume of searches as some other devices, but it is still a sizable number and an excellent result.

Lets put the search volumes into some context:

  • The chinstrap or jaw supporter has been available for over 10 years now and is still attracting impressively large numbers of searches on a monthly basis. You should certainly draw some positive conclusions from these Google statistics.
  • It would be a major achievement on my behalf if this website you are on now was achieving this volume of searches each month after 10 years. I would be very happy.

These are the main reasons why I believe My Snoring Solution is still extremely popular:

1. It’s a great alternative to the more well know or traditional mouthpieces. Some snorers cannot wear mouthpieces.

2. Great value for money – cover this in more detail below.

3. It is more comfortable than a mouthpiece in many instances.

4. Available internationally.

5. Unbelievable 90 day money back guarantee – no other device matches the term of this guarantee.

6. It works

How Does It Work

In the vast majority of cases, Simple Snoring” as it is titled, is caused by the backwards collapsing then impinging of soft muscle tissue at the rear of the throat. This soft tissue acts to restricts the free flowing movement of air through our air passage.

When we sleep, all this soft tissue relaxes and so does the tongue muscles. As we sleep the tongue can fall backwards into the throat and add to the air flow restrictions. The fact the tongue is attached to the jaw makes it so much easier for it to restrict air flow.

Yes….My Snoring Solution does in fact hold the mouth firmly closed but more importantly it contributes to reduce any backward drifting of the jaw and as a direct result, the tongue. It doesn’t move the bottom jaw in a forward manner to the same extent a mouthpiece does however it in fact does hold the jaw in place in a most effective manner.

This diagram is a great illustration


Opens The Air Passage

How It Works

CLICK HERE to view a video on the Official My Snoring Solution website


The Cost Of The Chinstrap

It would be fair to say that on first impressions the cost of My Snoring Solution does appears to be a little excessive however the reality is that it is actually CHEAP.

The price is $119.97 however you get TWO jaw supporters not just the one.

Shipping is between $9.95 – $29.95. This is very cheap as well.

The companies marketing experts have suggested that the BOGO sales practice [Buy One Get One Free] is a successful strategy. It appears so as they have been running this concept for some time now achieving strong sales results.

They sell three sizes and so you share the expense and order different sized ones – one for you and one for your partner or a family member or friend.

Don’t underestimate the positives associated with this BOGO strategy. I certainly agree with them.

 This is one of their ads. You can click it to visit their site.

Buy One Get One Free

Not a Bad Offer – Two For One

The reality is the chinstrap is very cheap when you consider you get two and you can share the cost with someone else if you like. They also last well in excess of 12 months which is another nice bonus. Compared to some mouthpieces which can cost approximately the same price for a single unit and only last half the time, you will start to see just how well priced the stop snoring device is.

They throw in an American Medical Review DVD plus a book titled “The Seven Steps To Successful Sleeping”.

If you say no to the chinstrap due to the price you would be making a mistake in my opinion.

90 Day Money Back Guarantee – WOW

Click Image For Details Of 90 Day Money Back Guarantee

Click To Access Guarantee Information

During the period I have been researching and reporting on a variety of stop snoring solutions all over the world, I have never seen a manufacturer offer a 90 day money back guarantee until now.

In the event you have, would you be good enough touch base and let me know by using the “Contact Page” and send an email.

There is no doubt you will know one way or another if My Snoring Solution works for you, by the end of the 90 day guarantee. Most guarantees have conditions attached to them and so does this one. None of the conditions deal breakers in my opinion.

I congratulate the company for the impressive term of this guarantee.

Positives And Negatives

I always believe this section to the most important part of any review. The information contained in the Pros and Cons is not about what I like regarding the device but what I see as the strengths and weaknesses. Likes are personal….my Pros and Cons are not personal.

You can always judge the credibility of a “Review” from the Positives and Negatives.

Lets have a look at them then:


😛 The price is certainly a strong point. As you receive two devices they effectively cost around USD $60.00 each – Excellent

😛 Lifespan is in excess of 12 months – Excellent

😛 Unmatched 90 Day Money Back Guarantee – Excellent

😛 Available all around the world – Excellent

😛 Has been available for in excess of 10 years now – longevity is always an impressive statement in itself – Excellent

😛 Safe construction. Extremely comfortable – Excellent

😛 Manufactured in three sizes – When you order you can pick different sizes ie: small, medium, large – Excellent

😛 No restrictions on who can wear them – can be worn by people who have dentures and expensive dental work – Huge Sales Advantage

😛 Website testimonials are extensively detailed – The FTC [Federal Trade Commission] in the US  is extremely strict about misleading and unsubstantiated testimonials and if you are able to see named/location/pictured testimonials on websites like you can on their website, then you can take a great deal of confidence from them – Excellent

My Snoring Solution


🙁 Unfortunately they have never bothered to seek FDA clearance – whilst not critical it would reflect so much more favorably on the product. The FDA [US Food and Drug Authority] clearance confirms the product is safe, and it does what it says it does. Whilst the company isn’t obliged to qualify for clearance from the FDA, I suggest, the reason they provide a 90 day Money Back Guarantee is to make up for the lack of the FDA clearance. To be fair, after 90 days you will know if it works or not.

🙁 The “Returns” policy appears to have taken some criticism from users. Any return is subject to a 25% environmental waste disposal fee. When they receive the returns back they are hygienically disposed of at a cost, and the consumer bears the cost. It is all about the close proximity to the mouth and possible contamination by disease. None of the snoring mouthpieces have this “Disposal charge” included in their returns policy so I think it is taking a liberty. I guess at the end of the day if it works for you then it is not an issue.

🙁 You can certainly argue there is not a FULL money back guarantee as a result of the 25% disposal fee. Would like to see this deleted.

🙁 The return mailing policy is pretty tough. You are only allowed to use certain carriers who have the ability track parcels. If you are an international buyer then it will be an expensive exercise – Again it is only going to be an issue if you are returning it.

🙁 At this stage purchases are only made over the internet. A problem if you don’t like to transact online but I don’t think many will have issues with this.

🙁 Unfortunately the website doesn’t tell you what the product is made of.

🙁 Some reports from forums comment that the supporter can be uncomfortable and that it digs into the head. You have the choice of three sizes and I am going to “suggest” these reports would be from people who have simply ordered the incorrect size. The chinstrap does fit firmly but you want it to otherwise it won’t work properly. Had no issues with mine.

Weighing it all up – Positive are well ahead. I would prefer to see the FDA clearance but the 90 Guarantee does take the heat off.


Where Can You Buy It

Like many of these anti snoring devices you are only able to buy My Snoring Solutions online via their official website.

Most people will be fine with this but there will be some who are still not comfortable purchasing products on the internet. It keeps the costs down for manufacturers.

CLICK HERE to go directly to My Snoring Solution OFFICIAL website

I personally do not have any issues buying products online these days. The built in safe guards are excellent. Website owners spend significant cash up front to protect themselves from fraudulent activity.  Shopping online has become so much more convenient in many respects as well. I have shopped on the internet for years now and never experienced any problems.

Word of warning – only ever buy from the official website to ensure you obtain the genuine product and the genuine 90 day money back guarantee.

Links in this review will only ever take you to the OFFICIAL website.

Video Demonstration

Images don’t always do justice to these devices so like many of my other reviews on this site, I have completed a demonstration video of my very own My Snoring Solution.

Made the video a bit larger for better viewing.

Content of video

  • Introduction
  • What’s in the package.
  • Close up look at the jaw/chin strap.
  • Wearing my jaw supporter/chinstrap – what does it look like when it is on.
  • Summary

These things always look better on other people. The only consolation is you are not going out to the movies, only to sleep.

Trust you find it useful.


Additional Sleeping Support To Compliment My Snoring Solution

Snorers and non snorers alike can experience difficulty nodding off and maintaining good restful sleep at night.

Alteril Sleep Aid

I have no doubt our partners experience their own issues at night as a result of our snoring. I came across this sleep aid a few years ago and have used is quite often to help manage my nights sleep.

Completed a short review of Alteril and I hope it helps you out in much the same way it has me. Links in side bar.

If you do decide to take a look at the article you will find this “All Natural” sleep aid has an excellent reputation and doesn’t have any major issues associated with it.

It is certainly not going to do you any harm either. Maybe your partner will like it even more than you do.

My Conclusion / Recommendation

The My Snoring Solution jaw supporter/chinstrap has proven itself over the years to be another good snoring remedies option. As I have already said, it has been sold online for over 10 years now. The market for an anti snoring device is very competitive. It is not difficult to draw your own conclusions about the device just by considering how long it has been around for.

I can honestly say “it works for me”. Like all of these stop snoring devices, some will work for you and some won’t. Just because someone else had failure with a device doesn’t mean it doesn’t work or worse still it is a scam.

I can also honestly say it is not something I use all the time because I use a mouthpiece. I am lucky enough not to wear dentures or have expensive dental work, so I can use a mouthpiece. What I believe I have proven by actually using My Snoring Solutions, is that the working principles behind the device are solid.

I am more than happy to recommend the jaw supporter/chinstrap to anyone, and in particular those snorers who wear full dentures. You know by now that snorers with FULL dentures or extensive dental work shouldn’t use “Mandibular” designed snoring mouthpieces because of the pressure applied to the denture and dental work.

The mouthpiece I use at the moment is called SnoreMD and you can read my review located on this website [live link in right hand side bar]. Just keep in mind it is my preferred option and may not be suited to you as it is a premium mouthpiece and a little pricey. Some cheaper alternatives are Vital Sleep and Pure Sleep but they are not premium mouthpieces and you can see why in the reviews.

Another Option For Those Wearing Dentures

If you are not relating to My Snoring Solution then you might be interested in another option.

Check out my review on a mouthpiece called Good Morning Snore Solution [link in side bar]. The great thing about this mouthpiece is that it is NOT a  mandibular mouthpiece and will certainly appeal to snorers who wear dentures, have crowns, caps or bridges. Basically, none of the expensive dental work in the mouth is placed under threat using this stop snoring mouthpiece.

It also suits those folk who suffer from TMJ or have not been able to adjust to the normal mandibular mouthpiece.

One of the things that grabbed my attention in respect to the Good Morning Snore Solution mouthpiece was the unbelievably low return rate of 2%. They also have the usual 30 day money back guarantee plus free shipping to the USA and Canada.

Hope you enjoyed this review.

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