What Are The Main Sleep Disorders

Do You Suffer From One Of These Sleep Disorders?

Is it true, SLEEP is a good barometer to your overall health?  Evidence certainly suggests it is and it could be a problem for many of us because as we become older we are going to find it more of a challenge.

Generally speaking, someone who is healthy will sleep much better than someone who isn’t.

Fear not – if you have one of these problems then there is a solution.

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Do You Have Insomnia And How Do You Beat It

How Do You Know If You Have Insomnia And How Do You Beat It

Everyone has experienced trouble sleeping. Perhaps not all the time because we are all different. It’s quite normal and can be caused by a variety of reasons including stress, partner snoring or other factors.

However if you have trouble sleeping on a regular basis then there is a good chance you have an official sleep disorder especially if it transfers into your normal daily life routine.

What many don’t realize is that Sleep Disorders have a habit of causing more than just sleepiness.

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Melatonin Can Help You Sleep


Melatonin Has Been Used To Improve Poor Sleep Patterns

The human body is tuned to sleeping at night and waking during the day.

Scientists have now proven our body’s sleep patterns are regulated by light and dark.

Light stimulates a microscopic nerve pathway from the eyes retina to an area in the brain called the hypothalamus and specifically an area called the Suprachiasmatic Nucleus (SCN). The SCN creates signals to sections of the brain controlling hormones, body temperature and a variety of other functions which play a role in making us feel sleepy or wide awake.

Read why counting sheep is not the answer to a better nights sleep.

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Can You Use A Snoring Mouthpiece If You Have Missing Teeth, Bridges, Dentures, Crowns or Capping?

Rear Bridgework Is Better

Are There Any Options If I Wear Dentures?

This is a question many people ask me and whilst I do cover this in my individual reviews I thought it would be handy to write a separate post about it.

It is important to understand the varying functions of the different types of snoring mouthpieces to determine whether a they can be used effectively and safely with the individual dental issue.

In saying this, despite the best intentions and instructions from manufacturers, some people disregard the advice, disclaimers and warnings not to use a mouthpiece and still effectively get away with it. It’s a personal decision in the end and each must weigh up the risks for thjemselves.

Lets discuss the different types of mouthpieces and how they impact your decision making process.

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Snoring Is Linked To Smoking

Quit Smoking

Snoring Is  Absolutely Linked To Smoking

Smoking is well known to have many direct links with a number of health issues including cancer , stroke and heart disease, so it is not surprising to find it is linked to snoring as well.

There are ample studies carried out over the years to confirm a relationship exists between the two.

Here is a list of things we know about the smoking and snoring link.

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Aveo TSD Review – Stop Snoring Mouthpiece

The aveo TSD

Aveo Tongue Stabilizing Device – Will It Stop Your Snoring

The aveo tongue stabilizing device fits perfectly into the criteria of “weird looking mouthpieces” when you first set eyes on it.

It looks large, clunky and a little intimidating to say the least but it does have a history of working. Whilst it certainly isn’t my all time favorite mouthpiece the functionality of the device is simple and its effectiveness cannot be denied.

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What’s The Difference Between a MAD and TSD Mouthpiece

What Is a MAD and TSD And Which One Should You Choose

The first thing to clarify is the fact they are both snoring mouthpieces. They just work to stop snoring in two entirely different ways…..but they both work.

It is important you understand the difference between the two types because not everyone can use a MAD [Mandibular Advancement Device] or TSD [Tongue Stabilizing Device]. You could waste lots of money and damage your teeth if you order the wrong one.

I can certainly take the confusion away for you in this article so you will know exactly what will suit you and what won’t.

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Stop Snoring – The Benefits To You

You Will Never Look Back Once You Stop Snoring

I have broken down the list of benefits to you if you find a solution and control your snoring into two categories, Associated Benefits and Health Benefits.

They are based on a mixture of my personal experiences, experiences from my friends, feedback from my readers and from my detailed research. These are 100% real and I hope will be sufficient for you to come to a decision to do something about your snoring.

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Alteril Sleep Aid Review

Alteril Can Be A Sleeping All Rounder

As a snorer I can certainly relate to the anxiety that can be experienced when it is time to “turn in”. In the vast majority of instances the person most anxious in situations like this, is the non snoring partner. It is further complicated when both you and your partner suffer from snoring.

Perhaps you and your partner are lucky and don’t have any problems falling asleep when you go to bed. If that is the case then you are in the minority I would have to suggest.

If you are not one of the lucky ones then Alteril might be something you could try to help you settle for the night.

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VitalSleep Reviews – Stop Snoring Mouthpiece

VitalSleep Is A Cheaper Alternative With Limitations

There are a number of VitalSleep Reviews on the internet and they all seem to make a start but are generally not that comprehensive. Hopefully once you have read this review, you will be able to make a better informed decision on whether you think this stop snoring mouthpiece is one you can relate to or not.

Before I start with my VitalSleep review I have to mention something dear to my heart and something you as a snorer should be made aware of. Make sure you take this on board.

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Breathe Right Nasal Strips Reviews

Breathe Right Strips Are Great For Nasal Snoring Issues

It is generally accepted that in the vast majority of instances snoring is caused by the collapse of both the tongue and associated soft tissue surrounding the tongue, backward into the rear of the throat. However it can sometimes be simple issues with the snorers nasal passages and this is when Breathe Right Nasal Strips can help.

What I am going to do in this review is provide information on the popular nasal strip which in its own right has proven to be one of the more successful stop snoring remedies available for snorers.

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Snore Guard Reviews – Stop Snoring Mouthpiece

Old Style Mouthpiece

Snore Guard – An Old Dog Running Out Of Tricks

It was a real surprise to me when I started my research of Snore Guard to find that it was manufactured in 1989.

I have to commend the manufactures of Snore Guard for constructing, what is obviously a pretty successful anti snoring device. Whether or not you relate to this device it doesn’t really matter because people must have been buying it over all these years for it to still be on the market.

It must work as well because it wouldn’t still be around if it didn’t.

In line with all the other reviews on my website I wish to mention something extremely important which effects every snorer on the planet.

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Pure Sleep Reviews – Stop Snoring Mouthpiece

Pure Sleep Has Adjustment Limitations

The Pure Sleep reviews I have seen about this particular stop snoring mouthpiece are mixed but generally positive. Not many of them go into great depth, so I am hoping I can provide more of an insight into this anti snoring device, than you may have seen before.

Before I commence the Pure Sleep review I would like to draw your attention to two Health Issue articles I have written and are located on the website you are on now.

There have been some long term [22 years] studies completed by medical scientists in the USA and Spain which have only just been release worldwide. These studies reveal undeniably, proven evidence there are links between Sleep Apnea and Snoring to Cancer, Stroke and Heart Disease.

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My Snoring Solution Reviews – Stop Snoring Chinstrap

My Snoring Solution Is For Those Who Dislike Mouthpieces

In this comprehensive My Snoring Solution reviews I am going to demonstrate why this stop snoring chinstrap does work and why it still represent great value as an anti snoring device.

Before I start my review I would like to draw your attention to a number of extremely significant Health Issue articles I have written, associated with Snoring and Sleep Apnea.

Recently, two extremely significant and long term studies where finalized in the USA and documentation surrounding these long term studies was release to the public. These articles directly link snoring with three MAJOR health issues facing people all around the world.

This effects YOU if you are a snorer or have Sleep Apnea.

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