Good Morning Snore Solution Reviews – Stop Snoring Mouthpiece

Good Morning Snore Solution Is Very Comfortable

The very first thing I have to tell you about this mouthpiece is this:


When she tried it out for the very first time, I can honestly say, that within minutes of her going to sleep I knew it was working. My wife is lucky and generally only takes a few minutes to fall asleep. I realized immediately it was working because she falls into her snoring routine pretty quickly. She becomes very relaxed, the breathing becomes louder and deeper then all hell breaks loose.

The same thing happened. She became relaxed, the breathing became louder and deeper………and that was it. Exit snoring. She literally just stopped. I lay there for ages waiting to see if anything was going to happen and it didn’t. She has also commented many times that she doesn’t even know she has it in when she is asleep.

You will notice immediately the Good Morning Snore Solution stop snoring mouthpiece is most certainly a different type of anti snoring device and it works on different principles to controlling snoring than others. It’s actually quite a radical looking mouthpiece.

Good Morning Snore Solution addresses the issues of snoring so very differently than any of the other devices I review on the Help To Stop Snoring website.

By no means is this at the detriment of this mouthpiece either. In fact it has some great benefits factored into the design that not one of the other snoring mouthpieces have.

Whilst it may NOT be one of the usual “Mandibular” Stop Snoring Mouthpieces, it does not mean you should not consider it. It has some great unrivaled strengths the others just cannot match.

  • People with dentures can use this mouthpiece – people like my wife.
  • It is extremely comfortable to wear.
  • It does not cause any jaw or teeth ache what so ever.

Snoring has now been proven to have direct links to some serious health issues including Cancer. I have written a number of articles within this website and would strongly recommend you go to the sidebar and click the live links and read them.

Some are based on long term health studies out of the USA and I hope will shock you into doing something about your snoring problem.



Radical Looking It May Be But It Works Beautifully and INSTANTLY


The Good Morning Snore Solution - Front View

The Good Morning Snore Solution – Front View

What Information Is On This Page

  • Product Description And Summary Chart
  • Could Good Morning Snore Solution Save Your Life ???
  • Who Can Use Good Morning Snore Solution
  • How Does It Work
  • Mouthpiece Video Demonstration
  • How Much Does It Cost – Discount Coupon Codes
  • Where Can You Buy It
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Positives And Negatives
  • Help To Keep Your Nasal Passage Open
  • My Conclusion / Recommendation

Product Description And Summary Chart

My Rating Extremely Strong – 9/10       Only a 2% return rate    :mrgreen:
Product Description And Summary Chart
Type Tongue Retaining Device  [TRD]
FDA Cleared Yes  😀
BBB Accreditation Yes  😀
BBB Rating [A-F] A     😀
Money Back Guarantee Yes – Full 30 Day Money Back Guarantee   😀
Cost USD $99.94 however Discount Codes are available – see below
Made In Canada
Sold Internationally Via The Internet
Clinical Studies Completed # 1 – Study of a non-customized TRD
# 2 – The TRD efficacy and side effects in obstructive sleep apnea syndrome
Best Suited To No restrictions. People who wear dentures, caps, crowns and bridge work can use


Could Good Morning Snore Solution Save Your Life

This title may appear at first to be a little “Over The Top” but if you have completed any real research you will know about the extremely serious health and social issues associated with snoring.

Apart from the articles I have already mentioned above, I have written another article titled Stop Snoring – The Benefits To You and it is about the social and health issues both myself and my wife experienced whilst we snored.

Snoring Kills

Importantly, I talk about real issues that people like us have experienced and how our lives took a huge change for the good once we controlled our snoring. Snoring had a significant impact on our personal relationship and our health and as a snorer yourself you will sense many of the same issues….guaranteed.

The benefits we are now enjoying are not just ours. Many people have written to me saying they are enjoying the same life changing events and so I must encourage you to read a little of our story. You will relate to it.


Who Can Use Good Morning Snore Solution

The great appeal of this mouthpiece to me is that I believe it fills a huge “user” void.

There are a number of shortcomings the popular forward or advanced moving mandibular snoring mouthpieces do not meet and this Good Morning Snore Solution anti snoring device certainly resolves them in a fantastic manner.

If you tick any of these items below then you will absolutely love this mouthpiece:

1. You wear a full or partial denture – normally you can’t use a mandibular mouthpiece if you have a denture.

2. You suffer from loose or weak teeth that generally respond badly to the applied pressure of mandibular repositioning mouthpieces.

3. You have one or more dental crowns, caps or bridges – if you have these then there is a structural risk using a mandibular mouthpiece.

4. You’ve already attempted to use a mandibular mouthpiece and can’t adjust to it.

5. You’ve previously tried the mandibular mouthpieces but found you could not escape from or cope with the jaw or teeth soreness.

6. You are just not a fan of the mandibular mouthpieces.


How Does It Work

It is a still regarded as a stop snoring mouthpiece but works on differently principles as I have said.

It doesn’t relocate or reposition the jaw in a forward position to open any restrictions in the air passage. Instead it effectively holds and secures the tongue in a forward position within the mouth which in turn does not allow it to collapse backwards into the throat while we sleep.

Good Morning Snore Solution - Rear View

Good Morning Snore Solution – Rear View

It is well known, the main cause of snoring is the collapse of the soft and relaxed throat and tongue tissue into rear of the throat.  This tissue blocks or restrict the flow of air through the air passage in the throat. The soft tissue surrounding this narrowing vibrates as the air is pushed, under force, in and out of through the air passage.

As the tongue is a significantly large piece of flesh in the throat, any backwards movement towards the rear always makes this movement of air restrictive in its nature.

These are the 4 easy steps to take when using the mouthpiece:

Step 1:    Place the mouthpiece in your mouth between your lips and front teeth with the tip protruding out your mouth.
Step 2:   Gently squeeze the protruding tip or bulb of the mouthpiece with your thumb and first finger then suck the air out.
Step 3:   Now push the tip of your tongue into the end of the mouthpiece and then release your finger and thumb.
Step 4:   Now just relax your tongue slowly and it should remain extended in the mouth as the tip is sitting in the bulb.

These four simple actions will securely hold your tongue in a relatively relaxed, forward position therefore preventing it from retreating backwards into the rear of your throat when sleeping. The tongue is attached to the lower jaw and so this has the effect of holding the lower jaw in a semi-advanced position as well. It is all about freeing up and widening the air passage at the back of the throat so the soft tissue is not restricted.

There is NO PRESSURE applied to the teeth, jaw or gums and as a result it is the perfect option for people who wear dentures or cannot adjust to regular mandibular repositioning mouthpieces.

One important distinction to note is that you are required to breathe via your nose if you use this mouthpiece. If you experienced problems doing this then don’t panic because I have a solution to keeping your nasal passage open. Read further down.


Mouthpiece Video Demonstration

This video demonstration is using my own mouthpiece.

I like to do these demo video’s to try and give you some general ideas what the mouthpiece “Looks and Feels” like. I known it can be hard when you are looking at pictures on websites and not many people actually do these close ups.

Please…….before you decide to send an email telling me I look “sensational” in my Good Morning Snore Solution mouthpiece…….save yourself the time………my better half already has, on many occasions.

Oh well…….the things I do to compliment my reviews.

By the way – the website details at the end of this video is another one of my websites.



How Much Does It Cost – Discount Coupon Codes

This may not be the cheapest anti snoring device on the market however there are some great savings when you look closely at some of the specials on offer:

Option 1:    The normal retail price is USD $99.94.  Shipping and Handling is $19.95 for the best part of the US and Canada. They provide a 1-3 week delivery guarantee. You can request faster delivery but you pay for it. If you prefer to receive it in under 10 business days then expect to pay USD $30.00. Most companies selling mouthpieces online will  add some kind of shipping and handling to the cost of the purchase.

Option 2:    They also include a “Family Pack Offer” for around USD $149.94 which includes two mouthpieces. Best option in my opinion.


The company does provide discount coupon codes from time to time.

When they become available I will provide them here for you.

If you find a website listing a discount coupon code and it is not detailed on my site then use some caution please. There is a chance it may not be genuine.


Where Can You Buy It

The stop snoring mouthpiece is available at selected Dentists and Doctors across the United States and Canada or alternatively you can buy from the official GMSS websites.

At the moment they have set up three websites:

  1. USA / Canada and the rest of the world
  2. United Kingdom
  3. Australia

I have links below that will take you to the individual sites. If you decide to buy something, it defaults back to the USA site which is normal.

Unfortunately they haven’t supplied a list detailing the physical locations. I think its because they change all the time.

In my opinion you might very well find the cost associated with buying from a local Doctor or Dentist a bit more expensive. They have to add on their costs as well. This is only my opinion however and is not confirmed.

Please ensure you only ever buy from the Official Good Morning Snore Solution websites or an Official registered partners to ensure you buy the genuine device.

PLEASE NOTE – All Links On My Site Will Only Ever Take You To

The OFFICIAL Good Morning Snore Solution Website


Top view of the TSD mouthpiece

Good Morning Snore Solution – Top View


Click Here to Access the USA/Canada/World OFFICIAL website


Click Here To Access the Europe Official Website


Click Here To Access the Australia Official Website


Something to please note – included in the terms and conditions for online purchase there is a prescription notification for those people who reside in the USA [and only in the USA]. There are rigid regulatory guidelines for these snoring mouthpieces within the US. In the United States these anti snoring devices are sold by prescription only.

Don’t worry however …….they have built in a VERY easy solution……keep reading

From November 1997, the FDA has classified all Intra Oral Appliances for the treatment of snoring and/or obstructive sleep apnea into Class II (special controls). All products in this medical device category must comply with the following statement contained in the FDA 510(k) pre-market clearance notification: “Caution: Federal (USA) law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a licensed Dentist.”

All buyers must confirm they meet all the FDA requirements for oral appliance therapy and either complete a screening questionnaire prior to  purchasing to ensure they qualify for a prescription which confirms their ability to purchase a stop snoring mouthpiece, or alternatively  acknowledge they already possess a prescription from either a physician, dentist or other licensed health care provider.

All the other websites selling these types of mouthpieces that I have visited or purchased one of these mouthpiece from, have a similar  compliance questionnaire.

The Easy Solution

Good Morning Snore Solution chose the second alternative offered by the FDA and may contact your physician if they decide to, to check your prescription if deemed necessary. When I went through the online “Order” process myself and I did not find anywhere during this process where I was obliged to enter the details of my Dentist or Physician for GMSS to be able to make contact. I will leave you to drawn your own conclusions from this. Not difficult to do.

This is the clause from the website.


If you are a resident of the United States, the United States Food and Drug Administration requires that you must have a valid prescription (“Prescription”) from a physician, dentist or other licensed health care provider. Accordingly, you herewith acknowledge and agree that if you live in the United States, you hereby certify that you have a valid prescription for the device that you order. You represent and warrant to us by placing an order for a device that the information you enter into the Site is valid, true and correctly matches your prescription as provided by your healthcare practitioner. You understand that we will not fulfill your order for prescription device unless you have a valid prescription. You hereby consent to our contacting your healthcare provider, if necessary, to verify your prescription information and other necessary information.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Most anti snoring devices purchased online come with a money back guarantee. They are mostly a 30 day money back guarantee.

Good Morning Snore Solution also provide a 30 day money back guarantee which, when directly compared to its competitors, is as good as you will obtain.

I have copied part of the GMSS Guarantee conditions directly from their website and they it is listed below:

“Our no-risk return policy means that you can order the device, test it out and, if you’re not satisfied, you can initiate the return authorization process within 30 days from the date of purchase. Please note that Return Authorization numbers must be requested within 30 days from date of purchase, and your device must be received back within 45 days from date of purchase.”

It is a pretty straight forward and uncomplicated money back guarantee and you should not have a problem with it.


My Good Morning Snore Solutions Mouthpiece

My Good Morning Snore Solutions Mouthpiece

Positives And Negatives

I am sure you will agree with me when I say there are always going to be good and bad points about a product or service. It is just up to us to assess them and make our own decisions whether we think the positives out weigh the negatives.

This is my assessment of Good Morning Snore Solution and not necessarily in any order:


😀 It stopped my wife from snoring. She loves this mouthpiece and says she cannot even feel it in her mouth when she is asleep. I am serious….she really loves this mouthpiece. She has repeatedly said to me it has changed her life.

😀 The 30 day money back guarantee is standard but importantly is available.

😀 Snorers who wear dentures, crowns, caps or bridge work can use the mouthpiece. None of the other mouthpieces can give this safety assurance. THIS IS A BIG POSITIVE.

😀 It doesn’t cause or inflame Temporomandibular Joint Disorder [TMJ] pain. Snorers who suffer from TMJ now have this mouthpiece as an option to consider.

😀 The simplicity of the construction is a huge winner. As there are no moving parts at it is almost impossible to break. The device is extremely comfortable and simply to use and adjust to. I am not a big person and it fits my mouth easily.

😀 Lifespan – I cannot ascertain any information from official sources other than one testimonial on the official website [no longer on the website] from a guy who had his for 2 years until his dog chewed it up. Have seen some forum comments confirming it has a lifespan well over 12 months. I would justify this suggested lifespan by saying the following – there aren’t any moving parts, you do not need to bite down on it, whist it is soft it’s extremely strong, there is no pressure applied to the device when inserted in the mouth.

😀 It has a significant number of government clearances worldwide including the USA FDA, Australian Government – Dept Health and Aging Therapeutic Goods Administration, Canada Health, BBB accredited with a great Better Business Bureau [BBB] rating of A [A-F]. You should not discount the value of this list of countries clearances. To achieve the highest BBB ratings is a sensational achievement.

😀 It is completely safe – BPA free.

😀 Sold internationally – many companies do not have sales confidence or approval to launch internationally.

😀 Minimal shipping costs – I haven’t found a FREE shipping option for any mouthpiece online.

😀 Has been available since 2008 – sustainable longevity is significant in relation to product credibility.

😀 Manufactured in Canada by MPowRx Health and Wellness Products 2012 Inc – Initially the mouthpiece was marketed under the name of MPowRx and therefore you will no doubt find information on the internet promoting this device. It is the same mouthpiece.

😀 Has an amazing return rate of just 2%.

😀 The “Family Pack” offer is a great marketing strategy and discount buying opportunity. It is not available all the time but when it is, represents great value.


🙁 Surprisingly they only make the one size. I thought something like this would have a couple of options at least …..HOWEVER…..most of the mandibular stop snoring mouthpieces on the market these days come in one size. To be fair I guess – I am not a big person and it fits into my mouth easily enough. Mouthpieces can tend to be too big rather than too small when they come in one size.

🙁 Like many anti snoring devices, when this one is inserted in the mouth you might find you experience some drooling or excess saliva when you start to use it. This generally passes as you adjust to it. You might feel some tenderness towards the tip of your tongue until the tongue become less sensitive to the device. It passes. A “wearing in” period is normal for all mouthpieces.

🙁 Not sure if this is a real negative but it could be an issue for some users. You do have to breathe through the nose when you use this mouthpiece. Generally speaking it’s not an issue for most people however if you do not have good air flow through your nose you will find this a problem. If it’s a temporary problem as a result of nasal congestion [cold] then you might like to trying combining its use with Breath Right Nasal Strips. If you have a deviated septum then that is a more entrenched problem.

🙁 Unfortunately the official website doesn’t include any accompanying videos or a lot of graphics of the mouthpiece. If you are like me and are a visual person then I would suggest they are failing miserably here. Display your product in a better fashion. See my above demo of the mouthpiece for a better look.
UPDATE – A company representative contacted me about my comments here and as a result made a video and placed it on their website in the “How It Works” section. I have also included it in my above section titled “Mouthpiece Video Demonstration”. Well done to the company for listening to its customers.

🙁 Swallowing – when you have it in the mouth it can feel a bit weird and swallowing takes time to adjust. Not an issue after awhile.

🙁 Testimonials are extremely important to a website like theirs and they could do a lot better. Sure they have some testimonials but they aren’t  elaborate enough. Testimonials are better received by the public if they have full names locations and even pictures. The Federal Trade Commission is extremely focused on testimonials and if they aren’t “genuine”, manufacturers are at serious risk of massive penalties. I am not for one minute suggesting their testimonials aren’t genuine however they are missing a great marketing opportunity. People relate better to solid testimonials.
UPDATE – The same company representative also advised me they would be completing some additional testimonials as a result of my comments here. If you take a look under the “Testimonials” section you will find some excellent pictured additions. Well done again to the company.

The Positives certainly outweigh the Negatives  – would rate this mouthpiece at  9/10. It works very well.

My Good Morning Snore Solutions Mouthpiece

My Good Morning Snore Solutions Mouthpiece

Help To Keep Your Nasal Passage Open

As previously mentioned above you will need to breathe through your mouth to successfully use this mouthpiece.

If your nose is blocked or restricted in some way you may find relief by using these nasal strips. They are the most effective ones I have found on the market. Generally they will help you if you have a problem breathing as a result of allergies or a cold.

I have completed a review of the Breathe Right Nasal Strips here and they are successful in keeping the nasal passage open when restricted.


Breathe Right Nasal Strips

Breathe Right Nasal Strips

My Conclusion/Recommendation

I was delighted to find this mouthpiece because I had been looking for quite awhile to find a stop snoring mouthpiece that would fill the void for a huge portion, of the market. Let me elaborate.

The general demographics of a snorer is not very complicated – over 40 years of age and male.  Not the type of competition anyone really wants to win unfortunately gents.

There continues to be an increasing volume of people who slot straight into this demographic plus to use either a partial or full denture. In addition there are far more people who have either crowns, caps or bridges. These people as a group, would rather not take the risk of using the extremely popular and effective mandibular mouthpieces due to incurring possible damage.

I am not sure if the Good Morning Snore Solution mouthpiece was deliberately manufactured to fit this void but it certainly does, and it does so perfectly. It doesn’t matter if you do not fit into what I see as this void, because you can still use the mouthpiece if you don’t. I don’t fit and I have used it.

There is another a group of snorers who can’t use the traditional mandibular mouthpieces like Pure Sleep  or Snore Guard as a result of TMJ pain or general long term discomfort. They simply cannot adjust to them but they need some relief from snoring.

The Main Reasons Why I Relate To This Mouthpiece

  • My wife LOVES this mouthpiece and as a result no longer snores. She wears dentures and so could not use a mandibular mouthpiece.
  • Snorers who wear dentures or have expensive dental work or suffer with TMJ issues can effectively use it.
  • The “Family Pack” offer is great.
  • Minimal standard shipping for USA and Canada residents.
  • International distribution
  • Huge array of Government clearances and “A” ratings with the BBB.
  • It’s extremely comfortable and slips easily inside my mouth. I am not a big guy and I have no trouble using it.
  • It has a sensation lifespan.

This Good Morning Snore Solution stop snoring mouthpiece is a great option for a huge proportion of snorers.

I have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone. Your only risk really is the cost of the return postage if it doesn’t meet your needs.

I hope you enjoyed this review of the Good Morning Snore Solution stop snoring mouthpiece. If you are not sure if it is the one you want to try then take a look around the website because there are a number of anti snoring devices here for you to choose from.

I’m Admin, and I’m the person writing the information contained in this website. It is my goal to provide you with as much of my own user experiences, plus provide extensive and comprehensive researched data, to help you find a stop snoring solution to your snoring problem.


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