Does Excess Weight Impact Snoring

How Serious Is The Impact Of Excess Weight On Snoring

Snoring is most definitely influenced by the amount of weight a person carries. It doesn’t mean that you will not snore if you are not overweight, but if you are overweight then the chances of you snoring are MUCH higher and your health is at greater risk.

So What Causes Snoring

In the vast majority of cases snoring is caused by a blockage or narrowing of the air passage at the rear of a persons throat. This narrowing occurs during sleep when the muscles and flesh in the throat relax and fall back towards the rear of the throat.

The tongue is one of these muscles that falls back into the throat and the loose flesh surrounding the throat is a major contributor to the excess flesh. The more weight a person has around the neck, the more soft flesh builds up within the throat and as a direct consequence impacts the air passage narrowing.

This graphic shows how the tongue and Uvula fall backwards narrowing the Airway

Air Passage During Snoring and Sleep Apnea

Air Passage During Snoring and Sleep Apnea

Example Of How Excess Weight Cause Snoring

Snoring can be the prelude to Sleep Apnea in many cases and carrying excess weight will most likely contribute to this unwanted escalation. Here are some examples of excess weight around the neck and throat which have a direct impact on snoring.

Extreme case but not unfamiliar example of excess weight surrounding the entire neck.

Fat Around Neck Throat

Excess weight around the neck


Double chin adds pressure to the throat and contributes to snoring

Build up of fat around the throat

Fat around the throat encourages snoring

In BOTH these examples of increased weight around the neck and throat, the chances of you snoring increases dramatically

To visualize the buildup of flesh inside the throat just use the iceberg example. We have known for years that two thirds of the size of an iceberg is under the surface of the water. If you use this analogy to visualize the depth of flesh inside the throat you would have some understanding of how dense it can be.

Serious Health Issues Associated With Snoring

There are extremely serious health issues associated with snoring including stroke and heart disease. If you continue to ignore these problems and your snoring develops into sleep apnea, which it certainly can if you are overweight, then your long term health issues have just increased significantly.

Sleep Apnea is also proven to be directly linked to cancer and there are article on this site which discuss this health risk in detail.

What Are You Options If You Are Overweight

If this is you and you are snoring plus carrying some weight then the number one thing to do is obviously loose weight.

Losing weight has to be a life priority for you but in the mean time you should be looking at one of the snoring solutions detailed on this website. Pick one you relate to and give it a try.

Your long term prospects of controlling snoring will be enhanced significantly if you lose sufficient weight, so much so, you may very well completely resolve your snoring problem. There will be no ongoing need to use a stop snoring device of any kind.

The direct knock on effect is also obvious. Less risk ……to a host of life threatening health issues.

Please don’t make the mistake of just relying on a stop snoring device to control your snoring if you are struggling with your weight. Sure they work, but your best option is to shed weight. Use one to support yourself in the process.

Good luck.

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