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Can You Use A Snoring Mouthpiece If You Have Missing Teeth, Bridges, Dentures, Crowns or Capping?

Rear Bridgework Is Better

Are There Any Options If I Wear Dentures?

This is a question many people ask me and whilst I do cover this in my individual reviews I thought it would be handy to write a separate post about it.

It is important to understand the varying functions of the different types of snoring mouthpieces to determine whether a they can be used effectively and safely with the individual dental issue.

In saying this, despite the best intentions and instructions from manufacturers, some people disregard the advice, disclaimers and warnings not to use a mouthpiece and still effectively get away with it. It’s a personal decision in the end and each must weigh up the risks for thjemselves.

Lets discuss the different types of mouthpieces and how they impact your decision making process.

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Stop Snoring – The Benefits To You

You Will Never Look Back Once You Stop Snoring

I have broken down the list of benefits to you if you find a solution and control your snoring into two categories, Associated Benefits and Health Benefits.

They are based on a mixture of my personal experiences, experiences from my friends, feedback from my readers and from my detailed research. These are 100% real and I hope will be sufficient for you to come to a decision to do something about your snoring.

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