Breathe Right Nasal Strips Reviews

Breathe Right Strips Are Great For Nasal Snoring Issues

It is generally accepted that in the vast majority of instances snoring is caused by the collapse of both the tongue and associated soft tissue surrounding the tongue, backward into the rear of the throat. However it can sometimes be simple issues with the snorers nasal passages and this is when Breathe Right Nasal Strips can help.

What I am going to do in this review is provide information on the popular nasal strip which in its own right has proven to be one of the more successful stop snoring remedies available for snorers.

This option however, is only going to assist you if you believe your snoring problem is associated with obstructions or congestion within your nasal passage.

If you suffer from a major nasal obstruction as a result of a deviated septum then I am afraid these nasal stripes are not going to resolve your problem 100% of the time.

I have selected Breathe Right in this instance, as I can see it is clearly the leader in the nasal strips field. There are a variety of links built into the graphics in this review that you can click on to gain access to even more information.

Breathe Right - How it Works

How The Strips Work


How Do The Nasal Strips Work

When you apply them correctly on the nose they work by pulling upwards and outwards on the users nostrils to open up the nasal passage and enhance airflow.

The strips are somewhat flexible, “spring-like” bands.

The underside of the strip consists of a special strong adhesive which firmly but gently sticks to the nose surface directly above the flare of each one of your nostrils. Once the nose bands are applied to the nose they work to attempt to re-straighten back to their original shape and as they do this they will gently lift each side of your nose and consequently open your nasal passages. Air flow is enhanced as a result and will continue so whilst it is worn.

The purpose of the nasal strip is to widen the minimum cross- sectional area and increase the volume within the anterior section of the nose, resulting in an less obstructed air flow through which was previously, a congested nasal passage.

Breathe Right Popularity

My research has certainly isolated Breathe Right as the most popular device of this nature. They have a significant number of positive reviews written by snorers/users. These user reviews average 4–4.5 out of 5. Against a product like this you could consider this a good result. Generally speaking people can be rather harsh when rating “Health” products because they are very skeptical. For good reason in my experience.

It is worthwhile mentioning that nasal strips are normally viewed as “All Rounders” in terms of treating nasal congestion. They aren’t one dimensional in relation to their purpose, as you might consider anti snoring mouthpieces for example. They help people improve breathing for a multitude of reasons and at the same time they can treat snoring as well. It’s important to understand they are not just for snorers.

They can also help elite athletes to increase air flow which in turn enhances their ability to cope with vigorous exercise.

Specifications Of Breathe Right


There are 3 adult sizes – small, medium and large. You can order a combination of small and medium in one pack, which is a good option however the large ones are generally separate. There is a special allocation for Kids/Children but they only come in the one size.


There is a variety of colors  – Tan, Clear for adults. The Children’s/Kids strip is just the one multiple strip combination of blue/green/yellow. They look great.


There are a variety of choices:

  • Breathe Right Tan -This original strip is mostly used for normal types of nasal congestion. It comes in either Small/Medium or Large sizes and is packed in 30-count packages
  • Breathe Right Clear – Obviously these are clear nasal strips and they offer the exact same relief as do the original tan strips. People with sensitive skin may preferred these ones. They come in either Small/Medium or Large and in 30-count packages.
  • Advanced – These ones are specially designed to work in conjunction with the shape or anatomy of the nose. The impressive 4-point technology focuses to work on known key touch points to open up the nose more completely. The special extra strong and sticky adhesive holds the strip firmly but comfortably in place. They are available in 2, 10, 26 & 44-count packages
  • Extra strong – These direct extra lifting power away from the nasal passage. These strips are normally used when the user experiences heavy congestion or for those people who snore. They are available in 10, 26 & 44-count packages
  • Menthol – This innovative strip contains some menthol vapors to assist in clearing congestion and are available in 10 & 28-count packages
  • Kids – for somewhat smaller noses and are extra gentle on softer skin. They are safe enough to be used every night if required. Sized for kids ages 5-12.

Cost Of Breathe Right

The prices actually vary quite a bit and it depends on whose selling them, the contents of the pack and the variety you chose.

These are a selection of Breathe Right Nasal Strips for sale on Amazon:


Breathe Right Tan

Pack of 30

Small/ Medium

54 Customer Reviews Rating 4.5/5



Breathe Right Clear

Standard – Pack of 30

Clear – Large

40 Customer Reviews Rating 4.5/5



Breathe Right – Advanced

New – Contains 44 strips

Clear – Large

6 Customer Reviews Rating 4/5



Breathe Right – Extra Strong

50% Stronger Lifting Power – Contains 26 strips

66 Customer Reviews Rating 4/5



Breathe Right – Menthol Vapor Strips

Contain 28 strips

13 Customer Reviews Rating 4.5/5



Breathe Right – Kids

Contains 30 Strips

15 Customer Reviews Rating 4.5/5



Where You Can Buy Breathe Right

There are a number of outlets you can try but the one I would recommend is They have a large range and they are the cheapest I have found.

You can access the Amazon site automatically if you simply click on any of the images above. It will take you to the exact Breathe Right Strip you have clicked on.

You can then take a look around the Amazon site and chose the best one for you. They’re all the same genuine Breathe Right products, it’s just that they are sold via a multitude of outlets. I tend to stick with the one distributor if I am happy with them.

My Conclusion/Recommendation

I would most certainly recommend you give Breathe Right a try if you believe your snoring issues are a result of simple nasal congestion.

Unfortunately if you have some type of nasal malformation like a deviated septum then there’s a fair chance they will not work for you. If you read some of the marketing distributed by Breathe Right, they suggest the strips can work however I am not overly convinced. Perhaps if you had a mild case then the strips may work. It is worth trying in any case I would suggest, and see what effects they have.

Whilst I personally haven’t used them for snoring, I have used them when I have experienced nasal congestion. I suffer from hay fever and they help in this respect, plus when I have had a head cold they help me breathe at night when I go to bed. Maybe you can keep a packet in your medicine cupboard, as I do, for occasions such as these.

However, if your snoring is not caused by nasal problems and you are one of the many who suffer from throat air passage restrictions, then I would refer you to some of the other snoring solutions here on my website.

I would recommend you read my reviews on a selection of Stop Snoring Devices using this hyperlink.

One of the cheapest mandibular mouthpieces on the market is one called Vital Sleep. Whilst it is certainly not the best in my opinion, it is an alternative you could consider if funds are an issue for you.

If you are not already aware snoring is now linked to many health issues including stroke and heart disease. I have written a number of articles about these issues.

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