Aveo TSD Review – Stop Snoring Mouthpiece

The aveo TSD

Aveo Tongue Stabilizing Device – Will It Stop Your Snoring

The aveo tongue stabilizing device fits perfectly into the criteria of “weird looking mouthpieces” when you first set eyes on it.

It looks large, clunky and a little intimidating to say the least but it does have a history of working. Whilst it certainly isn’t my all time favorite mouthpiece the functionality of the device is simple and its effectiveness cannot be denied.

The aveo TSD

The aevoTSD [Tongue Stabilizing Device]

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  • How Does The aveoTSD Control Snoring
  • Does aveoTSD Really Work
  • Will aveoTSD Work For You
  • Can You Use aveoTSD If You Wear Dentures
  • The Cost Of aveoTSD And Where To Buy It
  • aveoTSD Positives And Negatives
  • My Conclusion / Recommendation


Product Description And Summary Chart

My Rating Average – 6/10Β  Long Lifespan :mrgreen:
Product Description And Summary Chart
Type Tongue Stabilizing Device – TSD
FDA Cleared Yes πŸ˜€
BBB Accreditation
Not Accredited – Not Compulsory See BBB Comments
BBB Rating [A-F] N/A
Money Back Guarantee No – Very Disappointing 😳
Cost Between USD $90.00 and $140
Made In USA – developed in New Zealand
Sold InternationallyΒ  πŸ˜€ By prescription only in USA 😳
Clinical Studies Completed Β # 1 – Study of a non-customized TRD
# 2 – The TRD efficacy and side effects in obstructive sleep apnea syndrome
Best Suited To Anyone – People who wear dentures can use

Could The aveoTSD Really Save Your Life

Whilst this heading may seem a bit dramatic, snoring has finally grabbed the attention of the medical profession. There is now overwhelming evidence that it does in fact kill people and cause serious health issues.

Let me clarify that statement. You cannot actual die when you are snoring, but the associated health issues caused by snoring can and do kill people.

Please read my article “Snoring Linked To Stroke And Heart Disease” [link at the bottom of this review] to begin with then browse around the website so you become more familiar with all the issues associated with snoring. Where the simple act of snoring can take you, health wise, over the long term. It is not a pretty picture.

The truthful answer to the title of this article is…..YES….. it can save your life.

How Popular is The aveoTSD

This particular stop snoring mouthpiece was initially developed in 1999 and whilst the website doesn’t promote the fact, it was cleared by the FDA in December 1999 [FDA Reg Number: K993381]

Dr. Chris Robertson, a dental sleep medicine specialist from New Zealand actually developed the aevoTSD so that will explain some of the Kiwi accents in the YouTube videos on the website. My research has confirmed the aveoTSD has undergone extensive clinical studies to confirm its effectiveness in controlling simple snoring and obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).

If you look towards Google’s search engine statistics as an endorsement of its popularity ratings then it does not rank overly well with only 1150 worldwide searches per month.

Testimonials on the website number 11 and whilst some are in depth none have clarified ownership titles or photo’s. Not the best format when it comes to testimonials.

Made of soft medical-grade silicone, aveoTSD is available in three sizes: small, medium and large β€” with the medium size fitting 95 percent of patients.

How Does The aveoTSD Control Snoring

In general terms snoring is caused as a result of a narrowing of the upper airway whilst we sleep due to a variety of reasons including:

1. A softer than normal palate, large tonsils and uvula, or even simply over-relaxed muscles, the biggest being the tongue, which invariably falls backwards into the rear of the throat [oropharynx] .

2. The snoring noise occurs because inward moving air is forced to travel faster through a narrowed down airway. This rushed air causes these over relaxed soft muscles and tissues of the throat [palate, uvula or excessive flabby tissue and tonsils] to vibrate. This vibration is what we refer to as snoring.

3. Alternatively, nasal congestion from colds, nasal cavity deformities [deviated septum’s], allergies, or internal obstructions, often contribute to a degree of narrowing of the air passage.

The aveoTSD works by advancing then holding the tongue forward by a process of gentle suction, therefore preventing it from falling into the rear of the throat. This forward location, keeps the airway open whilst we sleep.

The benefit of this oral device verses a MAD is that it does not attach to the upper and lower jaw via the teeth, plus it doesn’t require specialist fitting by a Dentist.


Clearing the air Passage

How aevo works to clear the airways

Does aveoTSD Really Work

Yes it does work, but like any mouthpiece it will be an individual choice. Like all mouthpieces you will go through a process of adjustment. This is quite a normal challenge users will experience and perhaps more so with this device due to its nature.

The adjustment period varies from 3-5 days and during this period you may find sleeping to be interrupted through the night. The tip of the tongue may become tender and uncomfortable until such times as it becomes used to the device.

There are three sizes available [small, medium, large] to chose from which makes this process a little easier. Each is a universal fit so choosing the right size is important.

Will aveoTSD Work For You

If your snoring is caused by air passage restrictions in the rear of the throat then this type of device could certainly work for you. If you have a deviated septum or an air flow restriction in the nose then this may be a problem if you chose this device because you need to breath through your nose to be able to use it.

An easy way to test if a TSD will work for you is to follow these quick steps now as you are reading this article.

1. Sit upright keeping your mouth closed, then draw back your breath through your nose into the rear of the throat and attempt to make the sound of a pig snorting. You should be able to make this sound reasonably easy. Takes you back to your younger days.

2. Now….do the same thing again except this time stick your tongue out of your mouth in a pointed fashion but keep your lips sealed around your tongue when you do it. Try to make the pig snorting sound again. There is a good chance you will not be able to make the same noise because the tongue is advanced. These are the principles behind the TSD…..moving the tongue forward opening up the airways.


Can You Use aveoTSD If You Wear Dentures

Absolutely. TSD’s do not apply any pressure to teeth, gums or the jaw and do not contribute to TMJ

Tongue Stabilizing Devices are the only mouthpieces you should be using if you wear dentures.

MAD’s [Mandibular Advancement Devices] place stress on dentures and therefore it is not recommended they be worn if you actually wear them. In fact if you have caps, bridges, crowns or other extensive dental work then it would be best not to use a MAD because this added pressure can damage them.

The Cost Of The aveoTSD And Where To Buy It

If you live in the USA then unfortunately you will need a prescription because the aveoTSD is only available to purchase through a dentist, physician or pharmacy. They do not reveal exact physical locations of there agents so it will be a case of you “shopping around”. Not the best method of selling a product but that is their marketing strategy. In this day and age it is a strange decision.

The cost does vary with prices ranging from between $90 and $140 depending on your location and who you buy from.

The company indicates it is available internationally but these locations are not available from the website. If you search online you will see they are available from a number of countries including Canada [Pharmacy] UK [Pharmacy] Australia/New Zealand [Pharmacy & Online]. Just type in aveoTSD Canada for example.

Most mouthpieces I have reviewed are able to be purchased online. Competition dictates it.

If you are keen to try a TSD rather than a MAD and you would like to order one online then the only other alternative you have is one called Good Morning Snore Solution. I have also reviewed and tried this mouthpiece. Click on this REVIEW link to see what I have to say about it.

As a footnote, the GMSS is the mouthpiece my wife uses and swears by it.


Positives And Negatives


πŸ˜› Available in three sizes – small , medium, large. Excellent.

πŸ˜› Lifespan of approximately 12 months. Very good.

πŸ˜› Can be used by people who wear dentures [manufactures advises]. Excellent.

πŸ˜› People who suffer from TMJ can use this device [manufactures advises].

πŸ˜› Medical-grade silicone is non-irritating.

πŸ˜› FDA clearance – most snoring devices have this clearance.

πŸ˜› Initially manufactured in 1999 – long lifespan is very good.

πŸ˜› No boil or bite required – ready to insert in the mouth right from the packaging

πŸ˜› Damaged Product Return – The manufacturer offers a six month replacement guarantee for any defective device supplied by the manufacturer. Standard guarantee.


πŸ˜₯ It is one of the most expensive mouthpieces on the market as a direct comparison to its competitors.

πŸ˜₯ A Medical or Dental prescription is required in most instances to be able to buy a device. Cannot be ordered online in the USA. Whilst they advise it is sold internationally it does not actually tell you which countries but if you Google search it you will see they are available in the UK [Pharmacy’s] Australia/New Zealand [Pharmacies & Online]

πŸ˜₯ No Money back guarantee – There is no returns policy or money back guarantee. Their explanation is “aveoTSD is a personal medical device and as such cannot be reused or re-packaged. As with most medical devices or medication, returns and refunds are not possible”. They refer you to the terms and conditions on the website for more details….but….I could not locate any.

This is a very bad omission on behalf of the company. This is the only device I have ever reviewed that does not have at least a 30 day money back guarantee.

πŸ˜₯ Tongue Soreness – during the wearing in process of between 3-5 days the tongue may very well become tender and sore to touch. An element of soreness is not unusual for most snoring mouthpieces until some form of physical adjustment is reached.

πŸ˜₯ Increased Salivation [Drooling] – This may be exacerbated by the design of the device. AveoTSD comes with a long sleeve which when inserted in the mouth can feel quite large if you are the type of person pron to gagging. Irrespective of the size you choose to fit your mouth it can feel like you have a lot in your mouth. Drooling can result and some feeling of gagging has been reported by users.

πŸ˜₯ Mouth Breathers will find it almost impossible to use this device. Additionally if you have some form of nasal congestion whether temporary of permanent you will find it difficult to breath.

Positives & Negatives


My Conclusion / Recommendation

Remember we are all different and suited to different thing.

This mouthpiece has been around since 1999 and it must be doing something right if it has lasted that long. Congratulations to them for this.

Whilst I am not a fan of the marketing strategy they have decided to go with you would have to come to the conclusion it is working for them.

I am a fan of the TSD’s as an alternative to the MAD’s but I am not total sold on this device itself. To me it is to big and to intrusive when in the mouth. The latest designs like Good Morning Snore Solution, do the same thing and are less than half the size.

I am very disappointed it does not carry at least a 30 day money back guarantee like the vast majority of other snoring mouthpieces do. Yes it has a manufactures defect warranty but that is pretty much a given for any product without them saying they have one. If a manufacturer builds a product then the law says it must not be flawed and if it is, you are lawfully within your rights to return it.

I do like the choice of three sizes, something few of its competitors have….but what happens if it the wrong size….you can’t return it because it doesn’t have a 30 day guarantee.

The requirement of a prescription has been solved by other competitors companies so why have they not worked to get around this. It would enhance sales I would strongly suggest.

At the end of the day the device works and it must work for a significant amount of people otherwise it would have failed years ago.

If you are on the fence and not sure about it then you could always try Good Morning Snore Solution and if it doesn’t work for you, return it, grab a refund, then order aevoTSD and see how it goes.

My better half [beloved wife] took to GMSS immediately and hasn’t looked back. I tend to agree and of the two I have reviewed I preferred the GMSS.

If you think maybe a Mandibular Advancement Device [MAD] is going to be more your style, then take a look at one of the more popular ones called SnoreMD


BTW – Did You Know

There are increasing health issues associated and directly linked to snoring and sleep apnea.

I have written about a variety of these studies and revelations like this one on stroke and heart disease. It involves a study completed in the USA between 2006 and 2012 involving 913 patients. Released in early 2013.

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