Alteril Sleep Aid Review

Alteril Can Be A Sleeping All Rounder

As a snorer I can certainly relate to the anxiety that can be experienced when it is time to “turn in”. In the vast majority of instances the person most anxious in situations like this, is the non snoring partner. It is further complicated when both you and your partner suffer from snoring.

Perhaps you and your partner are lucky and don’t have any problems falling asleep when you go to bed. If that is the case then you are in the minority I would have to suggest.

If you are not one of the lucky ones then Alteril might be something you could try to help you settle for the night.

What Is Alteril And How Popular Is It

Alteril is an extremely popular natural sleep aid and has been around for many years.

At the time of completing this review I measured the following statistics various places on the internet in an endeavor to give you an idea of just how well received Alteril is.

  • When I entered the name Alteril in the Google Keyword search tool it showed searches of 18,100 per month. What this means is that 18,100 people right across the world searched for Alteril.
  • One of the biggest online shops in the world, Amazon, sells it.
  • There where 167 customer reviews listed for Alteril in Amazon – anything above 20 is a great result.
  • The official Amazon star rating is around 3.5/5. Another great result particularly for a supplement. Anything above 3 is considered to be excellent.

This is what the packaging looks like

Alteril Sleep Aid

How Does Alteril Work

Alteril has proven to be very effective because it combines the four best-known, natural sleep regulators and inducers into one simple night time capsule.

The ingredients in the capsule successfully assist to regulate our circadian sleep cycle and in addition they increase “alpha” relaxation brain waves to boost the periods of sleep users experience nightly!

Alteril’s main ingredients are completely natural.

1. Sleep Inducer L- Tryptophan

L-Tryptophan is an complex vital amino acid which is essential to the natural production of melatonin and serotonin within our bodies – neurotransmitters are normally needed for regular sleep (melatonin helps regulate your body’s circadian cycle, while serotonin communicates your requirement for sleep to the brain).

2. Sleep Inducer – Melatonin

This helps control our Circadian Sleep Cycle. We need this for our bodies to know when it is time to sleep… and when to wake up!

Melatonin is actually a hormone produced within our pineal gland, which in turn is a very small, light-sensitive organ inside our brain. Production of this Melatonin is always stimulated by the dark and suppressed by the light. It is understood Melatonin is the key to helping our body know when to sleep, and when it is time to wake up.

3. Sleep Inducer – Valerin

To help you relax a sedative called Valerin is added, however not enough to make you feel “Hung Over” or “Groggy” the following day.

Valerian is well known for its calming and sedative properties and is generally used as a treatment for depression, insomnia and anxiety. Valerian isn’t a habit-forming ingredient, unlike some chemical prescription medications used to treat similar conditions.

4. Sleep Inducer – L-Theanine

L-Theanine boosts your “Alpha” relaxation brain waves ensuring you are left with reduced feelings of stress and anxiety. This helps you sleep.

Generally speaking stress and anxiety are two of the main issues associated with the cause of insomnia and associated sleep disorders. The use of L-Theanine has been proven to show increases in our “Alpha” brain waves, which are small electrical impulses our brain emits when it is in a relaxed state.

Alteril has even more strings to its bow.

It has been specially formulated with another four additional all-natural herbs that have proven to encourage relaxation, promote sleep, alleviate anxiety, reduce nervous tension and more. These are Chamomile – nerve relaxant, Lemon Balm – tension relief, Hops -natural sedative and Passion Flower – helps alleviate restlessness.

I have included a link to some interesting Scientific Studies and “PROOF” concerning Tryptophan, Theanine, Valerin, Melatonin, which reveals how they can all assist us sleep. The link below will take you to the Alteril website.


Click HERE – Access The Scientific Studies and Proof



Does Alteril Really Work

People will always have varying views of all these natural herbs and supplements.

What I like to do, to try and gauge if something like Alteril actually works for the majority of people or not, is to look up and read some user reviews.

As Alteril is also sold by Amazon, it can be a great place to seek out users reviews.

When I wrote this article Alteril had 168 buyer/user reviews and this was just on one of the many Alteril products sold by Amazon. You are able to surf and check them out for yourself.

Based on the below screenshot……. 78% of users seemed to like the Alteril product I selected. Generally what I do to measure this is to include reviews that scored a 3 plus, as a positive indication. Not a bad result in favor of Alteril I would have thought.

Screen shot of Amazon Reviews

Alteril - Amazon Reviews

Read Some Amazon Reviews For Yourself By CLICKING THIS LINK


Where Can You Buy Alteril

You can buy Alteril from a number of places but the best ones I would recommend are either of the following two places.

1. Amazon

Access Amazon by clicking on the graphic below. It’s the cheapest method of buying Alteril and as the price changes it should be automatically reflected in the graphic.



2. Official Alteril Website

Whilst it may not be the cheapest way to buy Alteril, buying from the OFFICIAL Alteril website has some distinct advantages including more information, 60 day money back guarantees and a number of different purchasing options.

The costs commence from USD $49.95 for a 30 day supply however you do pick up some extra bonuses as a result.

Each package is sold as a “Sleep System”.

Purchasing from the official Alteril website ensures you qualify for the 60 day money back guarantee. It is certainly worthwhile considering this option just for the benefit of the guarantee. Not many manufacturers will offer a 60 day money back guarantee.


You Can Access The Official Alteril Website HERE


By purchasing from the Official website, you are entitled to the Alteril Sleep System which includes a CD plus a caffeine-free blend of herbal tea. It is worthwhile considering an initial purchase from the website first to take advantage of the guarantee and bonuses, then if you think it is working for you reorder from Amazon.


The Alteril Sleep System


My Conclusion/Recommendation

It is not unusual for people to experience different results when they try supplements, and Alteril is going to be the same. As a good indication of success you could reflect on the user reviews obtained from Amazon. As I have already mentioned, 78% of people have experienced positive results and when I saw this I was encouraged to try it as well.

If you are worried about the cost then I would suggest you consider placing your first order from the Official website. This way you can always obtain a refund by calling on the 60 day money back guarantee they offer.

If you buy from Amazon, you will find it cheaper. If the “financial risk” concerns are not going to be an issue for you then this would be your better option.

It will be a personal choice and of course, I will leave that with you.

In terms of your snoring problem, you also have a number of choices if you want to try and control or eliminate it.

There’s a good number of reviews on stop snoring devices on my website and I would encourage you to take a look at some before you leave.


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