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Help To Stop Snoring


Hi there and welcome to my Help To Stop Snoring website. PeterMy name is Peter Castledine.

If you’re like me then you may be a snorer and you are looking for help to stop snoring.  You have come to the right place if you are looking for some help to find some snoring solutions.

Whilst it may not be your fault you snore it is your responsibility to stop for a multitude of reasons.

I am a snorer just like you, however the difference between us is the fact I have my snoring under control and my life has totally changed as a result. I really cannot over emphasis the importance of controlling your snoring. Based on my experiences I can guarantee you will benefit from it.

I hope you enjoy the content of my website and encourage you to leave comments and interact. I work on the site on a continual basis and will see you interaction daily.

The Benefits Of Controlling Snoring

To me, it was “stone cold” obvious what the benefits to stopping snoring were, but then I had researched the heck out of the topic of snoring and Sleep Apnea. The thing I have learned since commencing this website is, not everyone realizes what the extremely dangerous side effects of snoring and Sleep Apnea are.

These were my concerns and they may very well be yours:

  • My Family – my snoring was really effecting my relationships not only with my wife but my entire family.
  • My Health – the more I researched, the more I found out what extremely bad health side effects were linked to snoring.
  • I Was Scared – I have NEVER been overweight and I associated bad health issues were linked only to overweight snorers – WRONG.

I have elaborated on the exact benefits of stopping snoring in an associated article on my website titled Stop Snoring – The Benefits To You. Please read the article because they are a combination of the real benefits I have experienced from controlling my snoring plus what I have found out by researching and obtaining feedback from friends and readers.

I am extremely confident you WILL find a stop snoring solution on this website.

If you don’t find something here you are willing to try, then perhaps you are not thinking broadly enough and I have not been successful in my goal of changing your perception of the dangers of snoring and sleep apnea. Strong words I can here you say and I don’t disagree….but this is a very dangerous health issue and it is no longer something any of us can joke about over a quiet drink with our friends and family.

My website is a “LIVE” website and is updated on a regular basis so I hope to discover more and more information to help you stop snoring.


What Will You Find On This Website

You will find a number of product reviews for stop snoring devices to help you control your snoring plus articles discussing the health issues associated with snoring and Sleep Apnea.

In actual fact, unless you undergo radical surgery, there is nothing really available to totally cure snoring. Unfortunately, most of the surgical procedures are very expensive, invasive and never guaranteed to work for everyone. In a vast majority of instances they do not last very long.

However there are a number of anti snoring devices that can control snoring and this is the focus of this site.

Historically, the more successful anti snoring devices are mouthpieces and I have reviewed a number of them here for you.

I have tried some of them and other I haven’t.

How To Access The Reviews

1. Select from the list of Stop Snoring Devices – REVIEWS on the right hand side of this pageBlue Arrow


2.  Access my reviews by clicking on the below links:


3. Click on this link or the tab titled Device Reviews – Summary at the top of this page next to the Home tab.

Content Of The Anti Snoring Devices Reviews

Generally the content of my reviews will include:

  • Product Description and Summary Chart – Includes my rating
  • How they work
  • What they are
  • How much they cost
  • Why they work or don’t
  • Where you can buy them
  • Positives and negatives
  • Guarantees offered
  • Discount Coupons if available
  • Video demonstrations
  • My recommendations



I would strongly suggest you do not leave the site until you have read the two articles I have written reporting on long term studies carried out in the USA and released in 2012, about the effects snoring and Sleep Apnea have on our health.

Please read these two articles by clicking on the highlighted links below.

Both these studies involved huge numbers of patients and draw direct connections between Sleep Apnea and snoring to serious health concerns. Snoring is no longer to be consider the joke told over the dinner table in the evening. It is a deadly serious problem.


PeterAbout Peter

I’m Peter Castledine, and I’m the person writing the information contained in this website. It is my goal to provide you with as much of my own user experiences, plus provide extensive and comprehensive researched data, to help you find a stop snoring solution to your snoring problem.

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